SongkRUN 2016: World’s First Water Fun-Run Will Make You Wet!

by On Jan 26, 2016
SongkRUN 2016: World First Water Fun-Run Will Make You Wet!

Love playing with water or shall we say splashing water onto someone? To be honest, no one can resist the urge to play with water, just see the "Ice Bucket Challenge". Now we can run and play with water at the same time at the SongkRUN 2016.

Inspired by the Songkran festival celebrated in Thailand, the SongkRUN is a series of water-themed fun runs that will take place across 8 cities: Singapore, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.

This untimed and non-competitive run 5km fun run will first take place on 3 April 2016 at Sepang International Circuit, KL, Malaysia.

A half day event that starts at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, participants will have enough time and reason to get wet. The SongkRUN course is split into five different Water + Music Zones. After crossing the finish line, you can continue to party at the Wet-Music Festival featuring Fire Brigade showers for the first time.

SongkRUN 2016: World's First Water Fun-Run Will Make You Wet!

Race tickets are available in 2 types:

  1. MYR105.00 for the Standard pack which comes with t-shirt, medal, waterproof pouch, and wristband,
  2. MYR135.00 for the Shooter pack which comes with an additional water gun with water filler stations along the track and later in the party area.

We strongly recommend the Shooter pack if you are like us and love to play with water.

Meanwhile, do take note that external water guns and sexy apparel are allowed. So wear something over your bikini!

Registration is now underway at the SongkRUN official site, so join the fun, get drenched, dance and make friends at the happiest 5k water run on the planet!

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