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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017: Start Points and Wave Start Timings Announced

by On May 16, 2017

Rate of registration more than doubled compared to this time last year

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017: Start Points and Wave Start Timings Announced

Over 20,000 runners have already signed up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017 at the Super Early Bird rates which ended on 7 May.

This number is close to half of the 46,000 runners who participated in 2016.

A sensing on social media Facebook revealed that many participants welcome Under Armour as the new official apparel sponsor.

The increased number is believed to be due to the sponsorship of Under Armour and the attractiveness of the race entitlements which include additional items like a backpack, phone armband, cold towel, 1 x race photo and medical insurance on race day.

The organiser IRONMAN’s lifting of the Super Early Bird and Early Bird cap this year and their application for the World Marathon Major status could also add to the increase sign ups.

Interested runners can still benefit from Early Bird rates until 30 June with up to S$15 discounts off the race.

The start points and wave start timings for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon has also been released. Similar to last year, the Half and Full Marathon, and Ekiden Race will again flag off at Orchard Road, while the 10KM Run will flag off from Esplanade Drive. All race categories will finish at the Padang.

Responding to the increased demand and the latest race announcements, Geoff Meyer, Managing Director of IRONMAN Asia said,

"We are constantly looking to improve and beyond bringing back waved starts for the consolidated Half and Full flag off which has been used to much success at global marathons to ensure a smooth run, we will also look at other amenities enhancements to give runners the best possible marathon experience.”

Upon registration, runners will be allocated a start pen based on their estimated finish time and will be flagged off in waves.

For Half and Full Marathon participants where the first wave starts at 4.30am, chartered bus service tickets are available with race registration online till 15 November at S$6 per ticket.

The chartered bus service will start at 2am with 39 pick-up locations around Singapore to take runners straight to the start line.

Runners driving to the race are also encouraged to park at the nearby shopping centres.

Flag Off for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2017

2 Dec – Orchard Road
Kids Dash: First Wave - 6 P.M., Last Wave - 8.30 P.M.

3 Dec – Orchard Road
Half and Full Marathon, Ekiden Race First Runner: First Wave - 4.30 A.M., Last Wave - 5.30 A.M.

3 Dec – Esplanade Drive
10KM Run: First Wave - 7.15 A.M., Last Wave - 8.00 A.M.

For more information, please visit Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017 event page.

Featured Photo Credit: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

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