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Sundown Marathon 2017 Discount Code: RunSociety Exclusive!

by On Sep 26, 2016

Get an extra good reason to join the 10th anniversary of the Sundown Marathon 2017.

Sundown Marathon 2017 Discount Code

The 10th edition of Asia's largest night run, Sundown Marathon 2017 returns to F1 Pit building, Singapore on 25 March 2017.

If you love the outdoors at night, it will be even better to run at night! But why run at night? There are plenty of good reasons to do so. We actually wrote an article about it here - Breaking News: Scientists Say Running at Night Has Too Many Benefits to Count!

Sundown Marathon 2017 Discount Code

There is just another good reason to sign up for the Sundown Marathon 2017 early. Use the exclusive RunSociety Sundown Marathon 2017 coupon code and get 10% discount off prevailing rate.

Sundown Marathon 2017 Discount Code: RunSociety Exclusive!

So are you ready to sacrifice your sleep and run through the night and beat the sunrise?

Join us on 25 March 2017 to experience this magic. Sleep Can Wait. See you at the Sundown Marathon 2017.

RunSociety is proud to be the Official Online Media for the Sundown Marathon 2017.

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