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The Fit Shall Inherit the Trails at Ranauthlon14 in Sabah, Malaysia!

by On Sep 28, 2014
The Fit Shall Inherit the Trails at Ranauthlon14 in Sabah, Malaysia!

The Ranauthlon14 is a trail run held with collaborating venue sponsor at the Sabah Tea Plantation. Situated in Ranau, Malaysia, the Sabah Tea Plantation is a 2 hour drive from Kota Kinabalu, and is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest.

In order to introduce a new generation of runners to the joy of trail running, and also to challenge existing runners to push their individual boundaries and to achieve a new level in running, Ranauthlon14 is fully endorsed and supported by the Education Department of Ranua District. The event aims to target new runners, school children, and seasoned runners alike, with a maximum of 500 participants.

Run Through Forestry with Mount Kinabalu as the Backdrop!

The 10km, 15km and 21km trail will take you from the north of the plantation to the south before looping back to the start point. The terrain compromises of slopes, valleys, a small river and a major hill or 2, depending on your route.

The Fit Shall Inherit the Trails at Ranauthlon14 in Sabah, Malaysia!

Photo Credit: Ranauthlon14

The Ranauthlon14 is organised by Asia Xtreme Adventure, an event management company specialising in the organisation of extreme sports competitions and events. With a team that collectively have many years of experience organising events, the Runauthlon14 will combine the best of nature and sports to bring you an exciting trail run in Ranau!

In its inaugural year, Ranauthlon14 aims to grow this event into an international level in 2 years. You will race through secondary forests, crossing streams and through the Sabah Tea Plantation with Mount Kinabalu as the backdrop. What more can you ask for in a trail run? Join the Ranauthlon today!

The Ranauthlon14 takes place on 25 October 2014 at the Sabah Tea Plantation in Ranau. Registrations are now open.

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