The Latest in Muscle and Joint Pain Relief: 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports

by On Apr 28, 2015
The Latest in Muscle and Joint Pain Relief: 3M FUTUROTM Custom Dial Compression Supports

Joint pain, muscle stiffness and soreness, begone! If you ever imagined a personalised, "support on demand" relief for painful muscles and stiff joints, this is it:

Using cutting-edge technology, the brand new 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports enables you to achieve a precise control for targeted relief and support. With in-built custom dials, these supports allow you to accurately set the compression level to get that balance of comfort and pressure that you need.

Expert's Advice

Speaking at their recent media launch was Calvin Sim, Head Physiotherapist of Physio Connectionz, a private Sports and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre. Before heading his own practice, the physio expert worked at Tan Tock Seng and Alexandra Hospitals as Locum Physiotherapist with elite athletes such as the IRB Rugby 7s (Singapore), Singapore National and Under-18 Soccer Teams.

Mr Sim says that FUTURO™ Supports' latest adjustable compression levels benefit different people, be they sportspeople with tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, office workers who type and write a lot, or even housewives and mothers who carry their kids around.

The most common types of pain that Singaporeans face are at the knee, elbow and wrist. Women are three times more like to suffer knee pains than men due to the wearing of heels as well as the fact that structurally, females have wider hips thus more pressure put on the knees. Pregnant ladies, who are prone to getting carpal tunnel—numbness in the wrist to the hands, will too find that compression support could help relieve pain.

That said, compression supports are not recommended for long-term usage. Mr Sim advises that the longest one should go on using the supports are for two weeks and that the key to pain management lie in stretching and gentle exercises. There are also some simple exercises on how to prevent such muscle aches.

The Latest in Muscle and Joint Pain Relief: 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports

3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports, Retail Price: S$34.90 to S$55.90

What Else You Need to Know

Whether we do more intense activities like working out and climbing stairs, or lower-intensity activities like talking a walk in the park, our daily activities put a strain on our joints. Rather than suffering from restricted movement and ignoring joint pain, managing it not only speeds up recovery, but also prevents further health troubles for an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Suitable for individuals with varying body masses, the user-friendly 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports range comes with adjustable straps for a personalised fit, and is available for three types of commonly afflicted anatomies – the wrist (available in both left and right), elbow and knee support.

Developed by BOA Technology Inc. with credentials in reinventing performance equipment, the in-built Custom Dial System allows for easy adjustment of compression levels according to activity or individual requirement with the simple turn of a dial, providing firm and stabilising support.

With a curved, soft tendon pad gently conforming to the body part's shape, the compression support provides a pin-point pressure that is accurately directed to the affected muscle area without increasing unnecessary pressure around the entire limb. As such, it delivers relief for localised pain and comfort on the tendon as it moves.

Coming in sleek black designs, these compression supports are made in thin but high impact plastics for heightened durability. Crafted for all day comfort of the modern wearer, the soft edges and combination of power stretch and non-stretch, moisture-wicking materials allow for an easy fit that can be worn under or over clothing.

The Latest in Muscle and Joint Pain Relief: 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports

3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports, Retail Price: S$34.90 to S$55.90

Where to Buy

Retailing from S$34.90 to S$55.90, the 3M FUTURO™ Custom Dial Compression Supports range is available at selected Guardian and Watsons stores.

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