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The North Face Is Trailing Back To Malaysia For Mountain Trail Festival 2019

by On Oct 8, 2019

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The North Face Is Trailing Back To Malaysia For Mountain Trail Festival 2019

After a successful inauguration in 2018, The North Face is coming back to Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2019 (TNF-MMTF 2019) is back for a second consecutive year on December 13th to 15th as over 1,900 runners from 27 countries converge in Taiping, Perak for the competition.

About Trailing In Malaysia

The North Face Malaysia Mountain Train Festival 2019 has been inducted into the Malaysia Ultra League.

Co-organised by the MMTF Consultant, Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak, Spritzer Berhad and Larut Matang Hash House Harriers & Harriets, TNF-MMTF will offer four routes for trail runners (10KM, 25KM, 55KM and 84KM) to test their physical endurance at the pristine yet challenging trails of Taiping with various elevations of 400m, 1200m, 3100m and 4600m respectively.

About The North Face Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival

The 10km run, known as the “Freshman Run” is suited for beginners, while the new 25KM run is known as the “Ball Breaker Run”. The North Face Malaysia For Mountain Trail Festival also offers two versions of the Ultra Challenge which are the 55KM and 84KM.

The 25KM, 55KM and 84KM race courses are certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and have been added into the list of qualifying races for the world renowned Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB).

The North Face Is Trailing Back To Malaysia For Mountain Trail Festival 2019

The organisers of the TNF-MMTF are also eager to promote the state of Perak and Taiping, once ranked Top 3 Sustainable Cities in the world, as a thriving social economy.

Trail running will not be the only agenda on the TNF-MMTF, which aims to congregate the trail running community from around the globe through music and food as well at the official venue, Spritzer Eco Park. The TNF-MMTF also aims to give back to the society.

In 2018, some of the proceeds from the event were channeled towards the “Kids Colouring Competition” and stationeries to the less fortunate students in Taiping.

Part of the registration fees in 2018 also went towards the Bukit Larut/Maxwell Hill Management for the maintenance of the tourism hotspot.

This year, the TNF-MMTF has pledged support to the Perdana Global Peace Foundation – an anti-war movement and initiative of global peace – through trail running. 2018 was a smooth sailing event with zero incidents and 2019 is expected to be another successful event with a bigger turnout this time around.

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