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The Second Newton Challenge Penang 2015: Where Runners Wear their Hearts on their Sleeves

by On Dec 9, 2014
The Second Newton Challenge Penang 2015: Where Runners Wear their Hearts on their Sleeves

One of Malaysia's most compelling running events, the Second Newton Challenge is committed to philanthropy. Penang's preeminent running challenge not only celebrates finishers but also showcases a charity that’s one of the most dynamic on the planet: Asia Community Service.

How is it that runners, a corporation, an organiser, and some of the most deserving kids on the planet are coming together in February 2015 to make an international statement promoting both healthy athletic competition and compassionate goodwill? Because, says the Director of My Triathlon Shop – organiser of the Newton Challenge Penang,

"To those who have been given much, much is expected."

Once you learn more about the story behind this confluence of healthy exercise and charitable awareness, you'll be compelled to sign up and participate in this landmark event. If you're open to new possibilities, keep reading to hear how you can feel good about yourself on so many levels!

The Event

Runners from around the world will arrive on the Straits Quay with a single motivational calling based on the event's 2015 theme: You Are Your Limit! What does this pithy statement mean to you? Easy. You may not have tested your limits in the past, but when you do, expect to surprise yourself when you see how much you can accomplish when you become a member of the growing legion of Newton Challenge registered participants. The organiser anticipates welcoming 4,000 runners under the Newton banner on February 8th, but your job is to focus on exceeding your former expectations. Don't register alone. Bring friends, work colleagues and family; even children as young as age 4 are encouraged to join the party!

The Second Newton Challenge Penang 2015: Where Runners Wear their Hearts on their Sleeves

The Place

If you haven't visited Pearl Hill, one of the highest road elevations in Penang, you're in for a treat. The vistas observed from this rarefied height are inspiring and you're going to have plenty of other like-minded souls running beside you as you tackle this elevated challenge with gusto. Align your former run capacity with the event's new distance parameters: if you accomplished last year's 7km/17km distances, you will have an opportunity to best yourself by taking on distances of 12km/25km before you vanquish Pearl Hill, the literal and symbolic pinnacle of the 2015 Newton Challenge Penang. The terrain may be formidable, but you'll be running in the best company imaginable, so forget about excuses you came up with last year and overcome your fears — instead, use the beneficiaries of the charity benefiting from this event as your motivation.

The Reason

Picture this: When dawn arrives on February 8th, you get out of bed, stretch your legs, limber up, don running attire and arrive at the Straits Quay start line. At the same time, a huge community of families awaken to another day of attending to their special needs children and adults, but on this particular day, they will share a spiritual bond with those participating in this race. Established in 1996, Asia Community Service (ACS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people with special needs to live fuller, richer lives, despite the intellectual challenges they face. Based in Penang, the ACS is a member of the Penang State Social Welfare Council and is overseen by a seven-member board of people committed to the cause. Over the last 18 years, the ACS has launched so many programs throughout the region, you must visit their website to discover the sheer number of services they offer. One glance at the good work this agency does and you won't need more motivation. If children and adults in need of special help just to get through their day can face the world with a smile, you can run this race!

The Second Newton Challenge Penang 2015: Where Runners Wear their Hearts on their Sleeves

The Skinny

Now that you are pumped up and ready to go with images of those served by ACS, here are the details you need to plan your participation in the 2015 Newton Challenge, so hang them on your fridge:

Date: 8 February 2015
Categories: 25km Competitive Challenge; 12km Competitive Challenge; 3.5km Dash; 1.0 Family Dash
Start times: 5:30 a.m. (25km); 6:30 a.m. (12km); 8:30 a.m. (3.5km dash); 8:45 a.m. (1.0 km dash)
Cut-off: 4.40 hours (25km); 2.00 hours (12km); 40 minutes (3.5km dash); 20 minutes (1km dash)
Dash-specifics: The 3.5 Dash is open to ages 10 and above; the 1km family package entitles 2 to 4 family members as young as 4 to compete as a team. For safety reasons, this dash is confined to the Quay housing area.
Running attire: Every registered participant receives a Newton Dri–fit Running vest (adult and child sizes) and a free pair of Newton socks.

What are you waiting for? You know you want to be part of this monumental event — and not just for those free running socks! Step out of your comfort zone. Push your body and spirit to tackle this event with gusto as you celebrate ascending Pearl Hill. Show your children that they can be part of a movement greater than themselves by registering them too. And know that with every step you take, someone with special needs is going to benefit from your generosity. It's a win-win situation of the highest order and you can do it!

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