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The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

by On Nov 15, 2016

It’s like Halloween, only better. Race the Dead 3 is expected to draw a record number of zombies who wait all year for this scary event. Want to show up and outrace them?

The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

For zombie enthusiasts bereft when Halloween comes and goes, it’s time to dig out your black makeup, practice your best zombie stride and prepare to be chased by the undead through a properly unlit area of Sentosa’s Siloso Beach for at least 4.2km on 14th January 2017, 18th March 2017.

As is befitting a marathon “deadicated” to rotting corpses with evil intentions, the Race the Dead 3 2017 will be run between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Missing out on this wild and crazy night isn’t a good idea, because rumour has it that zombies will keep roaming following the after-party. Stay home and risk having them pay you a visit at your home before dawn!

The truth about zombies

Anyone who thinks that the idea of a zombie apocalypse is a new phenomenon originating in the minds of contemporary filmmakers should do more digging through the journals of anthropologists and archaeologists. These social scientists began to dig up facts on zombie-related behaviours long before 1932 when the film “White Zombie” became the first feature-length moving picture to tackle the subject of the return of the dead.

In fact, zombie sightings hark back to 8th century Haiti where people reported being spooked by corpses who rose from their graves looking uniformly scary, thanks to their rotting, pasty, green skin and vacuous eyes. Their goal? Consuming as much human flesh and brains as “humanly” possible before returning to their coffins.

Zombie folklorists agree that only a dramatic, severe blow to the head of a zombie is capable of taking him or her out of circulation. Did you know that the tradition of putting stone markers atop graves was instituted to weigh down the plot properly so the dead couldn’t crawl out of their graves and wreak havoc on the living?

Just thought you'd like a bit of zombie trivia in advance of Race the Dead.

The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

How long have zombies been showing up for this race?

Organisers put together the first Race the Dead zombie obstacle run back in 2013 as Singapore’s fascination with all-things-undead grew to become a trend. Prophesying gloom, doom and frightening encounters, runners signing up for this first-time affair were advised to beware of zombie hordes stationed along the Sentosa Beach run route, so sprinting at max speed was recommended — both to earn personal bests and to avoid being grabbed by these creepy creatures.

The original 5km dash (now 4.2 km) had all of the elements of an apocalypse that included frightening obstacles that required runners to be clever about dodging and weaving to avoid being the main course of a zombie dinner that night. Three years later, organisers have had time to add even more spooky touches to a run that's designed to scare the pants off runners as they fight their way to the finish line.

The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

What’s in it for you?

For starters, if you survive this daunting nighttime run, you’ll have lots of goodies to prove that you were brave enough to show up and compete against the undead. Race packs include unusual items, because who knows if you’ll survive the night? There’s a cool Race the Dead t-shirt, ID tag, a couple of life flags you can use to identify yourself as being alive, an LED torch and drawstring bag awaiting those who opt for a basic registration.

Most of these items feature blood red splashes of colour that are guaranteed to make you look like you just survived a vicious attack and are in need of medical attention!

Runners registering in the premium category also leave the event wearing a finisher’s medal, an “I Survived!” pin and toting a banana airbag — just in case you need to be resuscitated after being scared nearly to death.

The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

Don’t want to go solo?

If you’re too scared to undertake this event on your own, pull together a team of brave souls and join either the basic or premium registration category. Whether you run alone or in a group, getting the early bird registration discount means you’ll have more cash left over to pay for your funeral, just in case you’re unlucky enough to be snagged by zombies before the race ends.

FYI: Early bird registration disappears like zombies returning to their graves at midnight on 2nd December, so why wait to act? Sign up here to get in on the action at reduced rates.

The Undead Invite You to Outrace Zombies. Again!

What have you got to lose…

…except, of course, your life! But you are a mean, lean running machine, right? There’s not a zombie on the planet able to outrun you, so show your bravery and prove a point by adding these incentives to your decision to run for your life on 14th January:

  • Race the Dead gives you a chance to let your hair down by wearing all of the outrageous makeup you like, so even your mum doesn’t recognise you.
  • Show someone you’re out to impress that you’re eager to take care of them by running as a pair. Who knows where that act of kindness could take you?
  • Make new friends! This is one of the few running events in Singapore where people can huddle in groups to stay safe and strategise how to outwit zombies lurking along the run route.
  • Use this race to get rid of the stress you carry around as a result of hard work, family and social obligations. Nobody will care if you scream non-stop throughout the race, because they’ll be yelling, too.

How fascinated are you by the idea of dead spirits who like nothing more than to claim the lives of the living? Is this a fun idea or are you dead serious about your zombie apocalypse fears?

Sign up for the Race the dead 3 now!

Update, 20 November 2016: The Race the Dead 3 2017 has been rescheduled to 18th March 2017.

Update, 24 January 2017: The Race the Dead 3 2017 has been cancelled.

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