Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Program Raised Over 585 Million JPY

by On Apr 23, 2019

The usage details of the donations raised through Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity will be announced on the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity website following late June.

Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Program Raised Over 585 Million JPY

Tokyo Marathon Foundation finished accepting the donation for the Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity program, at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The program raised over 585 million JPY (S$7 million) and all the donations will go to the respective recipient programs according to the selection of each donor.

Here's the breakdown for the details on the donation amount.

Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Program Donation List

Recipient Programs Counts of donations Amount of donations (JPY) Recipient Programs Counts of donations Amount of donations (JPY)
Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program (1) 415 58,137,406 Teach For Japan 210 14,062,000
Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program (2) 169 14,018,000 Katariba 338 24,720,000
Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program (3) 301 29,542,000 Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 199 21,983,000
Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan 2,019 95,492,000 Plan International Japan 192 14,991,000
Special Olympics Nippon Foundation 289 35,944,000 Tokyo Sports Benefits Corporation 64 9,320,000
Japan Association for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) 408 39,914,000 NPO Florence 529 16,252,000
Japanese Para-Sports Association 264 30,756,000 Kamonohashi Project 215 11,831,046
Solaputi Kids' Camp 386 35,510,148 Doctors Without Borders Japan 246 18,407,000
Family House 321 31,733,042 Association for the Arts, Toy and Playing Activities / TOKYO TOY MUSEUM 84 7,518,000
Sodateage Net 213 19,400,000 Peace Winds Japan 268 23,476,000
Tokyo Disaster Prevention & Emergency Medical Service Association 118 15,072,826 Action against Child Exploitation 336 17,491,000
  • Total counts of donations: 7,584
  • Total amount of donations: 585,570,468 JPY

Featured Photo Credit: Tokyo Marathon Foundation (東京マラソン財団 / Tokyo Marathon Foundation)

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