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Trail in Twilight Stars 2014: Rock the Trails from Dusk Till Dawn!

by On Aug 7, 2014
Trail in Twilight Stars 2014: Rock the Trails from Dusk Till Dawn!

Rock the trails under the twilight stars as you tackle 7km worth of challenging trails & asphalt in the forest of Penang Hill in the Trail in Twilight Stars endurance race.

Test Yourself in the Trails with this 12 Hour Challenge

From 6pm till 6am on 20–21 December this year, immerse yourself into the tranquil night as you navigate through the trail and experience the beauty of the forest in the twilight.

In this dusk to dawn challenge, you will have up to 12 hours to complete as many laps of 7km as possible or as you wish, finishing before the daybreak at 6am.

Anyone from beginners to experienced long distance runners are welcome to take up the night trail challenge. Participants will need to complete a minimum of 1 loop to get a bronze medal.

Runners looking for a higher distance can aim for a minimum of 5 loops (35km) for a silver medal, or 8 loops and above (56km and beyond) for the gold medal!

Additionally, runners will get an event shirt as well as a finisher short sleeved collar T-shirt.

Trail in Twilight Stars 2014: Rock the Trails from Dusk Till Dawn!

It's Your Race: Choose Your Distance

With the distance set by how many 7km laps you run, the medal you earn will be based on your own determination.

Catering to different levels of abilities, the Trail in Twilight Stars aims to achieve the following:

  • The right race distance for participants who want to test his or her endurance for longer distances under a safe environment.
  • A good opportunity for participants to experience running a dusk to dawn race, where a rest area will be catered to allow participants to rest and continue when they are ready.
  • By giving a 12 hour limit, participants can actually test their endurance level and stop when they are at their physical and mental limit.
  • To introduce the concept of Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) to promote a healthy green environment.

To promote a 'Green' environment, the Trail in Twilight Stars will be adopting a BYOB practice, where participants are recommended to bring their own bottle/cup which can be re-used for drinks at the Main Support Station.

This will reduce cup usage & reduce waste, and space will be allocated for these BYOB bottles/cups where you may access it whenever you return to the Main Support Station.

Trail in Twilight Stars 2014: Rock the Trails from Dusk Till Dawn!

Sign Up Now and Enjoy Savings!

Here are the details for the Trail in Twilight Stars:

  • Early Bird Registration: RM$140 (Ends 31 July 2014)
  • Normal Registration: RM$170 (1 August 2014 to 30 September 2014)
  • Late Registration: RM$200 (1 October 2014 to 31 October 2014)

The Trails in Twilight Stars will take place on 20-21 December 2014 in Penang.

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