Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since the Tri-Factor Series Was Launched?

by On Jan 21, 2018

What were you up to in 2009 as the world attempted to deal with an international financial crash? If you were queued to run the inaugural Tri-Factor Series, you’ve got lots to celebrate in 2018!

Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since the Tri-Factor Series Was Launched?

When Singapore dealt with the financial crisis, it was business as usual to keep the city-state functioning. Singapore’s Changi Airport opened a third passenger terminal and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Singapore over Russia, awarding our nation hosting rights for the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Why mention sports when the nation was under the shadow of financial collapse? Because it’s one of the factors that kept us focused until things stabilised. Sending a team to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing bolstered the nation’s spirit and sent Singaporeans home with medals in which the entire country could take pride.

Not as splashy—but equally exciting—was the debut of the Tri-Factor Triathlon in 2009. This event proved a favourite of both athletes and spectators, remaining on the region's competitive calendar for a decade. Whether you already make the Tri-Factor a habit or we’re introducing it to you for the first time, keep reading to discover how you can test your mettle during the 10th anniversary celebration of this event.

What is the Tri-Factor?

It’s a series of challenges based on what organisers call “The 4-step Concept.” There’s a mass swimming event; a mass cycling event and a mass running event, all of which culminate in a final triathlon that takes participating athletes to the heights of competition by combining all of the sports featured at the earlier three.

Does that mean there will be four unique events associated with Tri-Factor this year in Singapore? Almost. The dedicated running leg has been eliminated, but athletes eager to challenge their minds and bodies to complete a combined event that includes cycling, swimming, and running get an opportunity to do just that when the final leg of this series takes place.

Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since the Tri-Factor Series Was Launched?

Photo Credit: Tri-Factor Singapore

Were you born to bike: Tri-Factor Bike & CycleRun challenge

Get your inner roadrunner on at the Republic Avenue start line of the Tri-Factor Bike & CycleRun challenge of this 3-event series that begins at 4:45 a.m. on 22nd April 2018. Depending upon your distance of choice, you’ll be among your participant cohort by 6:30 a.m.: 2km; 5km; 10km; 14km; 21km; 28km; 35km or 49km. Why so many? Because everyone knows his and her own strength, and nobody’s left out of the mix with these many options.

Rules and regulations associated with Bike and Cycle are limited to specific bicycle types—especially for the arduous 35km and 49km categories. You may not ride non-sanctioned bikes, so when you book your place on the start line at Spacebib, scroll down the page to make sure your bicycle qualifies or you'll have to rent.

Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since the Tri-Factor Series Was Launched?

Photo Credit: Tri-Factor Singapore

Did your mum compare you to a fish: Tri-Factor Run and Swim Challenge

Series event #2, The Tri-Factor Run and Swim Challenge, doesn’t take place until 1st July at East Coast Park, Angsana Green, giving you plenty of time to prepare. Organisers have yet to set start times, but you’re invited to register for the distance that matches your swimming acumen by choosing the 0.5km; 1km; 5.25km; 10.5km or 21km.

Entitlements include a race bib, t-shirt, swim cap and wrist band (for Run/Swim folks only), timing chip, sponsor goodies and finisher medals. If this sounds like your opportunity to show Mum that she was right about you, sign up at Spacebib for this second Tri-Factor Series event, and start shopping for swim togs.

Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since the Tri-Factor Series Was Launched?

Photo Credit: Tri-Factor Singapore

Are you unafraid and eager to do it all: The Tri-Factor Triathlon

The third event in the 2018 Tri-Factor series will take place on 28th July at East Coast Parkway, Angsana Green, just four weeks after the aforementioned Run and Swim Challenge. On that day, the anniversary of the Tri-Factor will be celebrated officially by competitors eager to conquer all three sports: Swimming, biking and running. Like the earlier events, there’s a long and graduated list of distances on tap for athletes: 0.2km; 0.75km; 1.5km; 2km; 2.25km; 5km; 10km; 12km; 15km; 18km; 36km and 42km.

If you can’t find one that strikes your fancy, you may wish to confine your participation to an event route so you can cheer on those who are brave enough to make this daunting commitment. That stated, sort your registration for the Tri-Factor Triathlon at Spacebib, so you don't suffer competitor's regret afterwards!

5 Great reasons to sign up for at least one of these events

  1. You will impress the love of your life—maybe even force them to declare their love after seeing you become a hero after surviving one of the longer categories.
  2. Your boss could give you time off to train once he or she learns that you’re about to put your reputation on the line at one or more Tri-Factor event.
  3. Your kids get to brag to their schoolmates and teachers that you’re a cut above the rest when it comes to athletic prowess.
  4. You’ll add a super story to your repertoire—whether that story turns out to be heroic or simply funny will, of course, be up to you.
  5. Who doesn’t want to be part of a grand tradition? Participate in this anniversary series and it could empower you so much, a serious decision you’ve been mulling for too long could come clear—whether that decision involves work, love or just a realisation that triathlons are your cup of tea!

Do you have trouble deciding which category to choose when you’re offered a plethora of choices? Why do you think that happens to you?

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