It may have been the eve of the Chinese New Year but the URUN Champions were not taking it easy. The trainers definitely did not let them slack at all. Wei Yong and Zen designed a special “Prosperity Training Session” for them, incorporating the lucky number 8.

The session began at 8 in the morning. The URUN champions met the trainers on the Henderson Wave Bridge. After some stretching and warming up, they started their run to Mount Faber.

The group arrived at the turning point shortly. This was at the top of Merang Trail. Frederick was in for a special treat. The trainers wanted to help Frederick improve his fitness quicker and made him run all the way down the steps and up again. Zen, being the inspirational trainer, accompanied him all the way.

After the short break, the group made their way back to Henderson Wave Bridge. At the bridge, the trainers wanted to help the URUN Champions start the New Year right. Symbolising the “rise to the top”, the URUN Champions had to do sets of uphill sprints.

Prosperity does not come easy. After the sprints, Wei Yong and Zen led the Champions in 8 sets of static exercises to train their lower limbs, core and back muscles to improve their running.

The exercises may have been tiring but it was very encouraging to see them bond as a team. Over the weeks, the tough training pushed the URUN Champions physically and mentally. While fitness is very much individualistic, training in a team makes a lot of difference. They cheered and motivated each other to work harder every session.

The inside jokes may not be understood by the bystander but laughter definitely makes every session even more enjoyable.

Uncle Chan, as everyone lovingly calls him, may be more than double everyone’s age but he definitely is not left out.

Uncle Chan says he lacks the speed and cardio fitness but his philosophy is to enjoy running, even if it means taking things slow and steady. His target for the URUN is to complete the 15km in slightly over 2 hours, and with his usual kind smile.

The training ended just before lunch and before they went home to prepare for all the goodies, Zen reminded everyone of the calories that come with every pineapple tart and bak kwa.

Now that we have already accumulated the calories from all the goodies, let us start the New Year right too. It is time for us to run more and prosper.

Chow Yong Jun

I am a writer by day, an athlete by night. I love running at night because the streets just become so quiet and peaceful. My active lifestyle includes running, swimming and a passion for soccer. I have completed a few marathons and I enjoy other races like biathlons and urbanthlons. The only reason why I don't do triathlons is bikes are too expensive!

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