U Run 2013 Champions: Time To Fight Gravity

by On Jan 24, 2013
U Run Challenge: Time To Fight Gravity

In Week 2, the U Run Champions overcame a tough training session at MacRitchie Reservoir. A 4.8km run in the trails and some intense circuit training definitely improved their fitness greatly.

Over the last weekend, the U Run Champions tested their fitness levels in the U Run Mock Run & Clinic Session at Novena Velocity.

U Run Challenge: Time To Fight Gravity

The morning drizzle could not dampen the spirits of 200 runners. The clinic session was open to other U Run participants and this was the first time, the U Run Champions met other running enthusiasts face to face. Everybody was supportive and cheered them on.

Once the weather cleared up, the runners were divided into smaller groups and took off towards Orchard area. The route was a total distance of 6km and ended with a climb up the 25 storeys of Novena Velocity.

Most runners enjoyed the session and discovered the challenge of a vertical climb after a long run. It might be a rude awakening to some but it serves as a gentle reminder to train harder as race day approaches!

The U Run Champions had a good training session too. Trainers Wei Yong and Zen were there to guide them through the session. Zen started the session by leading the group in the warm up.

U Run Challenge: Time To Fight Gravity

Warming up before the 6km run

Throughout the run, Wei Yong encouraged them and pushed them while Zen watched over their safety from the back. It was nice to see them completing the run with smiles on their faces. Perhaps, it is time for the trainers to up the intensity!

The run might have been easy but the climb up the stairs was definitely a different story.

At the end of the training session, representatives from Maxinutrition shared some important lessons about supplements to help runners train and recover.

RunSociety caught up with two of the champions after the session.

Ms Tan York Cheng, 36, is a lecturer teaching Business at Ngee Ann Poly. She looks relatively fit as she exercises quite regularly. Besides running, she also enjoys wake-boarding every other week.

U Run Challenge: Time To Fight Gravity

York Cheng, 36, U Run Champion

York Cheng has always been running 10km races and hopes to improve her timing of approximately 60 minutes. She said that this training programme forces her to be more disciplined in her training and hopes that this helps her to take on more challenging distances like 15km or 21km.

She, however, said that 42km is too far for her but we all know that the adrenaline from running will one day convince her otherwise.

“The training session was not bad as the weather was pretty good. The trainers were pacing us so it made the run quite comfortable but the climb up was really tough,” York Cheng shared after the session.

Mr Frederick Lee, 21, is currently serving NS and volunteers at NTUC Club nEbO. He is involved in many entrepreneurship activities.

Frederick shared that he has always hated running. He has gone through cycles of exercises – losing weight and then gaining it back once he stopped exercising. This inconsistency was his greatest challenge.

Frederick has never run a race like this and sees the need to train for the race. Sometimes, he gets off work at around 9pm but he still goes for his run, as he has discovered the enjoyment of running at night.

Through this 8-week programme, he believes that he can develop a strong discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body.

“The training so far has been great. I feel so much more energetic and I feel alive. I think the discipline in running is not just about exercising but it also spills over to other aspects of my life, helping me to become more disciplined and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

It is great to see more Singaporeans take up running and it is encouraging to see our U Run Champions working hard to keep up the training programme.

We know the only easy run was the last one and we always look forward to the next tough session.

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