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Ultra Taiwan: A Trail Runner’s Paradise in Ilha Formosa!

by On Jun 13, 2015
Ultra Taiwan: A Trail Runner’s Paradise in Ilha Formosa!

Did you know? Taiwan is also known as Ilha Formosa, Portuguese for “beautiful island”, and no wonder! Steeped in traditional Chinese culture blended with Japanese influences and the island’s unique indigenous tribes, Taiwan boasts a rich history, fascinating culture and a smorgasbord of varied trails and stunning scenery. Beyond the bustling metropolises are lush tropical panoramas, gushing rivers, misty hot springs, and some of northeast Asia’s tallest mountains—literally a trail runner’s paradise!

Featuring the striking mountains, valleys, rivers and beaches at the northern reaches of Taiwan’s massive Xueshan (Snow) Mountain Range, Ultra Taiwan delivers to runners arguably the best collection of trails and scenery available in Northern Taiwan. This brilliant place shouldn’t only be left to the elite—besides Ultra Taiwan 100km (UT100) and 50km categories, there are also 25km and 15km categories as well as a 4km one for kids.

Ultra Taiwan: A Trail Runner’s Paradise in Ilha Formosa!

Photo Credit: Ultra Taiwan

Flagging off at various times on Saturday morning, 24 October 2015, all but the UT50 will flag off from Fulong Beach, Northern Taiwan’s premier, long golden sand beach encircled by a ring of verdant mountains. All participants will also round off their trail runs here, with the UT100 runners expected to arrive the next day, completing their marvellous ultrarun adventure within 32 hours.

Runners will pass through ages of past along historial trails like the Caoling trail, constructed 130 years ago as a key trade trail. Then they’ll pass herds of grazing buffaloes at Taoyuan Gu, a stunning ridgeline of grassy meadows with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Whatever your age or fitness level, you’ll appreciate the pristine lakes and towering mountains with names lyrical of Chinese myths and legends such as Tiger Leopard Lake, Crow’s Nest Mountain and Black Dragon Lake. And these are just some of the course highlights! Not forgetting the routes through or tracing forests, tea plantations, agricultural land and villages, there will be plenty to explore!

Ultra Taiwan: A Trail Runner’s Paradise in Ilha Formosa!

Photo Credit: Ultra Taiwan

Register Online Before 31 July!

Before 31 July 2015, entry fees range from TW$1,100 (US$35) for the Ultra Taiwan 15km to TW$4,180 (US$130) for the Ultra Taiwan 100 Individual.

If you want to sign up with a buddy, you only have to pay TW$8,360 (US$260) per team for the Ultra Taiwan 100, or TW$3,800(US$130) for the Ultra Taiwan 50.

As for the Ultra Taiwan 4 Kids, register for TW$580 (US$22) until 1 October 2015. Entry fees vary from 1 August to 22 October for the other categories so do check the prices properly.

There are special accommodation and transport rates available on the site. All the better to explore the vibrant kaleidoscope of cultural jewels and modernity that is Taiwan!

To find out more, head over to the Ultra Taiwan website.

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