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Under Armour Set To Launch In Southeast Asia

by On Mar 18, 2014
Under Armour Set To Launch In Southeast Asia

Singapore-based Triple Pte. Ltd. has secured the exclusive rights to distribute U.S. high-performance sports footwear, apparel and accessories brand Under Armour across Southeast Asia.

By 2017, there will be up to 30 mono-brand retail stores across key cities, beginning with launches in Singapore and The Philippines come Spring 2014. In addition, Triple has been named the exclusive distributor to operate the Under Armour e-commerce store covering the entire Southeast Asian region.

From Retail Stores To Fitness Studios

Under Armour Set To Launch In Southeast Asia

Following the launch of the first retail stores in Singapore and Philippines, there will be a gradual expansion into Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia over 2015, and Vietnam and Cambodia thereafter.

Retail channels will include branded retail stores, dedicated shop-in-shop concepts within department stores or key fitness studios, and limited speciality doors.

Driven by its vision of empowering athletes everywhere and to make all athletes better, Under Armour is the fastest growing sports performance brand in the world. It has surpassed the US$2 billion revenue mark in 2013, and is looking to hit global revenues of US$10 billion by 2020.

Singapore E-Commerce Store Launches Winter 2014

Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer and one the founders of Triple says,

"Under Armour is a brand synonymous with performance and innovation, and the momentum that it has in the U.S. has set for the brand a good foundation for successful expansion into key international markets. We strongly believe in empowering athletes everywhere and are extremely excited to introduce Under Armour to athletes across Southeast Asia."

Under Armour Set To Launch In Southeast Asia

Focusing on meeting the needs of their customers, the e-commerce store based out of Singapore will be launched in Winter 2014 and will make the brand fully accessible to athletes and sports enthusiasts beyond its retail stores.

For those who are lucky enough to currently own some Under Armour gear, share your thoughts with fellow runners at the RunSociety Forums!

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