Under Armour’s Test of Will Returns For Its 4th Edition With New Elite Challenger Category

by On Jun 21, 2019

This year’s Test of Will challenges focuses on battle ropes and ups the ante with an elite category designed for fitness enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves further.

Under Armour’s Test of Will Returns For Its 4th Edition With New Elite Challenger Category

Under Armour’s popular annual urban fitness challenge, Test of Will returns for its fourth edition this year on 6 to 7 July. Back for its fourth edition, the event saw 4,100 participants last year from around the region.

Test of Will aims to provide a platform for athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts to push the limits of their strength, endurance and power. The event will take place in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, and the highest scoring man and woman of the national heats from each country stand to walk away with *cash prize of $2,288 for the open category and $3,288 for the elite category.

The competition consists of four challenges, each lasting one minute, and participants are scored based on the number of repetitions they achieve. This year’s unique challenges were designed around battle ropes by leading personal trainer Henrik Olofsson, and are double rope slams, rope Russian twist, reverse lunges and rope pulls. Dialing up the intensity from previous years, participants can compete in the new Elite Category this year, where half the stations will have added difficulties.

Ahead of Test of Will, Under Armour has also partnered with local fitness club Virgin Active to run a series of free training events in June for all registered participants.

Under Armour also recently launched RUSH & Recovery, its newest FDA determined performance apparel line designed to be worn at the time of sweat as well as post-training. Developed in partnership with Celliant, the scientifically engineered fabric promotes improved performance and energy return, enabling improved sporting performance.

Interested participants can register or find out more about Test of Will.

Update, 1 July 2019: The prize money for the 4th edition of Under Armour’s Test of Will is now a cash prize of $2,288 for the open category and $3,288 for the elite category.

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