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Want to Impress Fellow Runners? Join Singapore’s First Prestigious Runners League

by On May 15, 2017

Belonging to this league won’t require you to sit through boring meetings or suffer in business attire: it’s the running experience you’ve been looking for—a one-of-a-kind series that promises big rewards

Want to Impress Fellow Runners? Join Singapore’s First Prestigious Runners League

Ever wish you could keep running after a trail has ended, your race is over or you run out of track? We understand — and we've got the answer to your wish by telling you about the Runners League's trifecta that leads to a mystery fourth race for those hungry for a big challenge; an opportunity to get out and compete from June to December on territory that spans the entirety of Singapore.

This isn't fiction. It's a real movement for runners who can't get enough competition. What underpins this unusual race series? “An active alliance of like-minded individuals joining forces for a common activity." Translation? If you love running with a group of like-minded athletes, don't be left out!

Is it a club or is it an event?

In many ways, Runners League is both. Join the fun and you'll commit to a series of four runs slated to be held in different areas throughout Singapore, so if you've been eager to explore your homeland, this makes a great introduction to the nation's North, South Central, East and West regions. But you won't just run in these geographic areas; you'll also represent one.

Pick the one you favour. Whether your grandparents live in the West or the East and you want to pay tribute to them or one of these zones is a sentimental favourite because it's the place you were born or where you fell in love. You make your choice when you register. Be thoughtful about your zone choice because you can't switch once you're committed.

Want to Impress Fellow Runners? Join Singapore’s First Prestigious Runners League

On select race days between June and December, you'll travel to four points: Leg 1 is called "The beginning" and you'll be flagged off at Coney Island/Punggol Waterway. Leg 2 bears the intriguing name “Ties that bind” and takes place at Gardens by the Bay. Leg 3, dubbed "It's a Family Affair" will be staged at Siloso Beach Walk. Leg 4? It's called the “The Mysterious End,” which is why its location can't yet be revealed.

The fun is in the details

While you may find the organisation of this series to be unique, everything else will be familiar. Entitlements include an event singlet, finisher polo, race bib, finisher medal, timing chip and baggage deposit access if you opt for the 10km event. If you're more interested in the 5km Fun Run, you get the same perks minus that timing chip.

Sign up for the package and you could require a suitcase to cart home all of your goodies, including a cool, exclusive Runners League jacket.

Want to Impress Fellow Runners? Join Singapore’s First Prestigious Runners League

Early bird rates still apply, so act now to get a discount and it won't be long before you get your hands on the unique singlet that shows the world the zone you represent: red for North, blue for South Central, Green for East and yellow for West. Timings for the top 100 competitors in both the men's and women's 10km categories will be computed. The zone that amasses the best combined time will be hailed as victors.

As the year winds down, Runners League participants who finish the first three events will meet up on the field of battle at the mystery 4th location (still undisclosed to maintain proper secrecy!), at which point the best of the best enter the ultimate champion zone, show their mettle and compete for awesome mystery gifts.

Where, when and how?

Because you will engage in this string of races, you'll stay perpetually conditioned and ready for non-Runners' League events on your personal race calendar. Must you run all four legs of this league to come away with personal bests and gear? Not if your schedule is so tight you can't do all of them, but that runner's jacket you earn for making that commitment is worth saying yes to the entire package.

Perhaps you're not interested in a solo run and you prefer to be part of a team. You're covered. Runners League encourages you to get out there and put together a team of friends, relatives, colleagues or run club buddies.

Want to Impress Fellow Runners? Join Singapore’s First Prestigious Runners League

Have we saved the best for last?

We have. Some of Singapore's most beautiful locations will be on display for runners undertaking this series, so grab a calendar and mark these dates and times:

  1. The North Leg 1 will be held on 10th June at Coney Island/Punggol Waterway from 6 a.m. to Noon;
  2. The East Leg 2 takes place on 26th August at Gardens by the Bay from 6 a.m. to Noon;
  3. South Leg 3 takes you to Siloso Beach Walk from 6 a.m. to Noon on 7th October;
  4. The Mysterious Leg 4 will be staged between October and December.

Sign up now; the timing is perfect. It's early enough to help you annotate your calendar, form a team, pick your zone, spread the word and advise your nearest and dearest that you're going to run in a league of very important people. Remember: you've still got time to get the early bird rate and who doesn't love saving money?

Does a bonus like that cool running jacket make you more or less likely to sign up for a series of events like the Runners League?

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