It’s no secret that runs are hotter than hot these days, but not all of them offer opportunities to give back to the community or benefit charitable causes. That’s why the World AIDS Day free online race 2018 is already attracting runners: It’s got everything an athlete wants. Freedom. A great cause. Did we mention that it’s free?

You probably won’t be knee-deep in holiday preparations when this event kicks off on 1st December and ends on the 7th, so you’ve time to put your plans into place right now. Make the registration deadline of 30 November—though slots are filling fast, so don’t be left out in the virtual cold.

While World AIDS Day was founded in 1988—four years after this scourge began blanketing the planet like wildfire—this will be the first ever online race dedicated to supporting this cause. Whether you know someone who has been touched by HIV or AIDS or you’re just sick of the prejudice spewed by intolerant people, raise awareness simply by saying yes to this premier event.

6 things you should know about the World AIDS Day Free Online Race

1. Learn about AIDS so you’re well versed on the topic

Visit the MOH website to see how critical your online race participation can be to raising awareness.

2. Make a plan

Accrue kilometres via multiple or single runs/walks. Stroll the neighborhood. Run your route. If you’re constrained by time and territory, a treadmill is an option, but it’s not the best one since you’ll be asked for special verification. Make it a vertical challenge by racking up stair miles, but no bikes, please.

3. Choose a GPS-enabled device to record your statistics

Options are limitless, as long as you can track and prove your distance, time, locations and dates. That stated, pedometers and the like aren’t verifiable, so use an app, smartwatch or gadgets engineered to track activity and you’re good to go.

4. Sign up at Spacebib

…your official activity hub for this online race. Go the distance and post it to your Spacebib profile so you get the credit you’ve earned once the clock ticks down to midnight on 7 December 2018.

5. Run your online race

…at any time of the night or day that fits your pace, style and time schedule. Compete with yourself and nobody else—earning an E-Cert and E-Race bib by finishing the goal you set. Rewards will be posted as fast as possible once your result is validated.

6. Take advantage of this opportunity

…by snapping selfies, using social media platforms and race #hashtags to broadcast your enthusiasm and achievement for this event. Most of all, pat yourself on the back. How often do you have an opportunity run your race while helping to publicising your desire to see an end to AIDS, once and for all?

How will you show your support for wiping out AIDS? Recruit friends to run with you? Advocate for change? Talk up your participation so everyone knows where you stand? Or donate to NAT (National AIDS Trust). We like to think you’ll undertake all of these actions!

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