Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019

by On Sep 25, 2018

It's never too early to register for the Berlin Marathon 2019!

Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019

Just last week, the BMW Berlin Marathon 2018 has concluded.

Just last week, there was a new marathon world record set by the marathon legend, Eliud Kipchoge.

However, this is not the end, but a new beginning! The registration for the Berlin Marathon 2019 is near!

5 Reasons 'Why' You Should Participate in the Berlin Marathon

  • Why not try setting a new Personal Best (PB) for yourself?
  • You could run with your friends and family while having a good time.
  • There's nothing wrong with feeling a sense of accomplishment after an intensive race!
  • No better way to explore the city than on foot, immerse yourself within the city's atmosphere.
  • The fastest marathoner has already run it once, there's got to be another chance to see him again!
Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019


How to I register? Where do I go? Well look, no further! We have a guide on how to register for the Berlin Marathon 2019!

First of all, check out the route map below.

Participation Guidelines

Registration/Race Date

Registration period opens from 17th October 2018 till 7th November 2018!

The race will take place on 29th September 2019!

Ways to Participate!

1. Fast Runners

For runners who managed to obtain an AIMS certified marathon within the last 2 years (2017/2018) under a specified time while proving it with a list of results or race certificate, are guaranteed to receive a starting spot once the administrator has verified the submitted information.

The information below shows the different timings that runners should have obtained.

  • Male Runners:
    (Age 18 - 44 years old): Under 2:45 hours
    (Age 44 - 59 years old): Under 2:55 hours
    (Age 60 and above): Under 3:25 hours
  • Female Runners:
    (Age 18 - 44 years old): Under 3:00 hours
    (Age 44 - 59 years old): Under 3:20 hours
    (Age 60 and above): Under 4:10 hours
Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019


2. Tour Operators and Charity Partners

Tour Operators and Charity Partners are all also guaranteed an entry pass upon registering.

Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019


3. Entry Drawing Single Runners:

Single runners, however do not have the luxury of being guaranteed a running spot during the marathon.

4. Entry Drawing Teams:

Those who wish to participate in teams, each team can be only made up of 2 to 3 runners. Likewise, not all teams are guaranteed a running spot.

5. Additional 1,000 spots

There will be additional 1,000 spots with donation to the charity "RTL-Spendenmarathon" on the 5th of December 2018. However, this will be a first-come-first served basis. If you missed the registration period/did not manage to secure a running spot, do not miss out this chance!

The announcement of the entry drawing results will be on 29th November 2018.

As for Inline Skaters, Handbikers, Wheelchair Competitors, registrations opens from the 8th November 2018 and Jubilee Club members from mid January 2019 onwards (dates are not confirmed). Do keep a look out!

More details will be announced in the later stage!

Why and How to Participate in Berlin Marathon 2019 2


Participation Fees

These are three different categories of fees:

1. Runners:

  • Entry Drawing/Fast Runners/Jubilee-Club Members: €125
  • Charity spots as part of the RTL Donation Marathon ("RTL-Spendenmarathon") for children in need: 190 €

2. Inline Skaters:

  • First 4,000 participants: €75
  • More than 4,000 participants: €95

3. Handbikers, Wheelchair competitors:

  • Fees: €125

Do note that in order to be able to offer high-quality standards and first-class service in the future, the administrators cannot avoid adjusting the participant fees to accommodate their higher security efforts, rising costs of our service providers, and rising labor costs. Hope that participants will understand.

Will you be registering for the Berlin Marathon 2019?

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