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Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

by On Mar 4, 2018

How often do you wonder whether the amount of money you spend on race registration fees is too much? For Singapore runners whose budgets are so small, a single registration fee could sink them, a fee-free run on 14th April could be just their cup of tea.

Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

Ever wonder how people can afford to run a race whenever the spirit moves them? We do. That's why we checked out some of the most expensive events on earth to glimpse how much money people spend in order to compete.

If you can't relate to these sports enthusiasts, you're not alone. Most dedicated Singapore runners proudly juggle jobs, family and their running activities, squirreling away enough extra money to afford the events they are eager to run.

If that describes you—and if you're always looking for ways to get the most bang for your buck—how about registering for the 14 April 2018 Run Free at Spacebib? It could be the first time you run a race without opening your wallet, so that have you got to lose?

Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

For skeptics: Yes, this race is free

Plenty of Singapore runners are going to show up at Garden by the Bay East on 14 April for the 7 a.m. flag off, just to see how it feels to run a race that didn't make a dent in their budgets. The thinking behind Run Free? Vanquish the common perception that there's a price to pay every time a running event is staged.

It's a "No-frills concept," and while you're invited to participate in either the 5km or 10km race at no cost depending on which finish line you choose to stop, you're going to want to open your wallet for this run's menu of add-ons that means you get to purchase items you need and want, but you don't spend a dollar to register.

If this novel concept is new to you, you'll want to get on the stick and register right now to prove that we're not blowing smoke. You visit Spacebib, secure your place and purchase entitlements to enhance your race experience. Your confirmation slip makes you an official Run Free participant and member of this community.

Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

Why Run Free?

When it comes to dedicated single parents, you couldn't find a better example of commitment than Yusif (not his real name), a loving Malay dad who bringing up six children—ages 3 to 12. His friends don't know how he does it, given a demanding job, but Yusif knows that his youngsters are only young once, so every day, he finds ways to be enthusiastically present in their lives.

One of the family's favourite ways to spend time together is by attending mass participation sporting events. The kids love watching competitors of all ages, but what Yusif loves most is that on these occasions, he is able to identify spontaneous opportunities to teach his children important life lessons. Sometimes, he tells them, you do your best and you don't win. Other times, a win is great but the effort made is the true victory!

Would Yusif and his kids benefit from going to many more events? Would Dad love more opportunities to lead by example-signing up for runs while his children cheer him on? Of course. But race participation isn't free, he reminds his kids. "I would have to pay registration fees, and since you six are in constant need of shoes, clothing and food, participating in marathons and races happens to be low on Dad's priority list!"

Knowing his story, you can imagine how delighted he and his kids were when they heard about Run Free. Not only do sporting events like Run Free benefit his family in many ways, but they remind Yusif how lucky he is to live in a nation like Singapore where a vibrant running community is working to transform things; striving to help the poor by scheduling events like Run Free where socioeconomic barriers don't prevent citizens from taking part.

Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

Why the idea underpinning Run Free is so important

Coming to the realisation that one can't put a price on anything in life that has meaning happens to be the philosophy behind races like Run Free. Community comes together. The emphasis is on performance rather than swag. There's easily as much camaraderie abounding at a Run Free event than there is at events that come with entry fees, and the social benefits surrounding the day can't be underestimated.

Why Should You Run Free in a Running Event

Bottom line is that you get a rare opportunity to control your finances by purchasing as much or as little as you like, and your shopping expenditures help pick up the cost of staging the race, so there are no losers when Run Free is staged at locations that include Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Time is fleeting. You can join Yusif on 14th April as long as you register by the deadline. Do you worry that too many people in your age group think about nothing but money day and night, or are you convinced that money doesn't buy happiness and never will?

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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