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Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014: Running the Road to Acceptance

by On Jun 15, 2014
Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014: Running the Road to Acceptance

Featuring a unique run route, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run sets itself apart from any other run in Singapore. The race route passes several historical sites in the Changi area including Johore Battery, Changi Chapel Museum and Old Changi Prison Wall.

Accept the Challenge: Challenge Non-Acceptance.

This is no ordinary run. It’s a race to complete the distance, while bearing in mind the difficult journey ahead for ex-offenders. Every turn you make is an obstacle they face. As you battle against exhaustion, they struggle against stigmatisation. But with each step forward, you are closer to leaving non-acceptance behind.

#YRSELFIE Challenge

Snap up for a record-breaking selfie-event! Upload themed selfies before and during the run to show your support, to raise funds via corporate donations and to give the Singapore Book of Records a shot! Find out more at the Yellow Ribbon Run website.

Crossing The Finish Line As A Family

For the last three years, Jeffrey Wong has made running in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run a family affair, crossing the finish line alongside his two daughters Nicolette and Isabelle. As a Financial Planning Director with Tokio Marine Life Insurance, Jeffrey has been in the industry for 36 years and has found much fulfilment in meeting people and helping them shape their financial future. He ran marathons when he was younger, but now he just does 3km runs, 4 times a week – both for relaxation and to reflect and bring clarity to his busy schedule.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014: Running the Road to Acceptance

He first heard about the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run while listening to his car radio a few years ago. Jumping on the opportunity to be involved in a cause which supports ex-offenders’ reintegration into society, he called up his two daughters to tell them to mark the 10km run on their calendars and to leave the day free:

“I wanted my daughters to be aware and appreciate its mission statement – everyone deserves a second chance.”

When asked for their view on second chances, Jeffrey, Nicolette and Isabelle concurred that we should all treat others how we want to be treated.

“The simple act of giving ex-offenders a second chance is a life-changing matter for them even though it might be a simple decision for us.”

Yellow Ribbon Project: Give a Second Chance to Ex-Offenders

The Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) was launched by the CARE Network in 2004 as a community education and engagement campaign to promote acceptance for ex-offenders and their families. The YRP aims to provide a concerted and coordinated approach to create awareness, generate acceptance and inspire action within the community to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders, thus leading to a safer and more secure community in Singapore.

Each year, a series of events and activities are organised by the CARE Network to reach out the members of the public. To bring prison art into the community, the YRP is organising a series of roving art exhibitions in this year. Through the exhibitions, the community will be given a rare opportunity to interact and appreciate original inmates’ paintings in the heartlands of Singapore. The last leg of the roving art exhibition is at the Urban Redevelopment Authority Atrium Gallery and will be open until 20 June.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014: Running the Road to Acceptance

Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2012. Photo Credit: Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Facebook Page.

Lend Your Voice to Give a Message of Hope

Apart from the roving art exhibitions, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is CARE Network’s anchor event for 2014. This is the 6th year that they are organising this event, and the expected turnout for this event is 10,000. Previous Guest-of-Honours include DPM Teo Chee Hean, Mr K Shanmugam, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and Mr Chan Chun Sing.

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is all about giving ex-offenders a second chance to start afresh. Featuring 6km Fun Run and 10km Competitive Run categories, the undulating terrain of the running route is reflective of an ex-offender’s path to reintegration. By the community’s participation, they are lending their voice collectively to a message of hope for all ex-offenders “to pick themselves up and to get back on track”.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014: Running the Road to Acceptance

A Race Laced With Grace

A record 10,000 runners came forward last year to support the cause by taking part in this run. To celebrate YRP’s 10th Anniversary in 2013, history was made as 1,230 runners formed Singapore’s only Giant Human Yellow Ribbon symbolizing their support for second chances. This feat successfully entered the Singapore Book of Records and this activity also saw 7 corporate donors pledging funds to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Through this event, a total of more than S$130,000 was raised for the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Registrations are now open for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, which will take place on 14 September, Sunday.

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