When you have a passion for running, nothing can stop you; not even age.

For the first time ever, the 100PLUS PAssion Run featured a 100 strong walking contingent comprising grandparents and grandchildren, proving you are never too old to start running or too young to exercise.

The 100PLUS PAssion Run is for anyone, and everyone. With eight categories spanning 1.2km to 30km, it promotes running as a healthy multi-generational family activity.

Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, Adviser to Geylang Serai Community Club and Member of Parliament for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency said, “Running is one of the most convenient sports to take up. With its growing popularity, we felt that this would be a great way for families to bridge gaps, and pick up a healthy activity that all can participate in.”

Mdm Fu Chuan San, 71 years old, agrees and said that it is a great way to spend time with her three grandchildren while keeping fit and energetic.

Sunday was also the official launch of Run to Walk movement in Singapore. This movement is modelled after park runs in the United Kingdom. It reminds us that if we invest in our health now and become more active, we stand a higher chance of walking when older, as our health stays with us.

Run to Walk comprises of two components – RTWrun and RTWedu. The movement aims to progressively get people comfortable with running at their own pace through weekly runs, and sustain the effort through education.

Organising a run is difficult enough, furthermore a two-day run. This novel concept drew a spectacular crowd of 10,000 runners.
Fun run categories and the 9km run were flagged off at sunset on Saturday. It was a night of fun and enjoyment for the runners and families at the Carnival @ 100PLUS PAssion Run powered by Brooks. Families enjoyed a movie and were entertained with a variety of games.

With more runs in Singapore exploring new routes, it was nice to be back at East Coast Park. I thoroughly enjoyed the 12km run with my buddy. The route was clear and simple, with well spaced out hydration points.

The 100PLUS PAssion Run was neither a run that boasts the most participants, nor the greatest running route. But its simplicity and energy provided the best evidence that when it comes to running, passion is all it takes.

Race Results


  1. Jagat Bahadur Magar – 1hr 17min 36sec
  2. Dev Kumar Rai – 1hr 19min 19sec
  3. Sanjeev Tumbahangphe Limbu – 1hr 23min 00sec


  1. Cheong Siok Hian – 1hr 43min 49sec
  2. Eng Hwee Ling Ezann – 1hr 46min 35sec
  3. Koh Beng Geok – 1hr 56min 13sec


  1. David Stevenson – 0hr 50min 09sec
  2. Alex Tiong King Hee – 0hr 50min 36sec
  3. Goh Lean Seng – 0hr 50min 42sec


  1. Tay Hwee Choo – 1hr 03min 44sec
  2. Lim Hui-Choo – 1hr 08min 44sec
  3. Marisu Moscardini – 1hr 17min 07sec


  1. Wambui Paul Kimani – 0hr 41min 48sec
  2. Umesh Rai – 00hr 42min 44sec
  3. Birjung Budha – 00hr 42min 50sec


  1. Anne Lavandon – 00hr 55min 57sec
  2. Jillian See Shu Xin – 00hr 56min 57sec
  3. Lim Xin Yi – 01hr 06min 37sec


  1. Wambui Paul Kimani – 0hr 30min 38sec
  2. Dev Kumar Rai – 00hr 33min 23sec
  3. Dhashman Thangavelu – 00hr 35min 06sec


  1. Uta Urbaniak – 00hr 43min 59sec
  2. Claire Price – 00hr 44min 17sec
  3. Kristina Liu-Blanton – 00hr 45min 03sec
Chow Yong Jun

I am a writer by day, an athlete by night. I love running at night because the streets just become so quiet and peaceful. My active lifestyle includes running, swimming and a passion for soccer. I have completed a few marathons and I enjoy other races like biathlons and urbanthlons. The only reason why I don't do triathlons is bikes are too expensive!

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