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2016 Beijing Vertical Run: A Run that is as Exhilarating as the View from the Top

by On Sep 17, 2016

Over 700 skyscraper racers from 24 countries scaled the heights of Beijing's tallest tower on 3 September 2016.

2016 Beijing Vertical Run: A Run that is as Exhilarating as the View from the Top

Sanctioned by the International Skyrunning Federation, the 2016 Vertical World Circuit (VWC) made its stop in Asia on the seventh stage of the nine-race tour in Beijing, China.

The sold-out Beijing Vertical Run, also known as China World Summit Wing Hotel Vertical Run, successfully hosted 700 runners from 24 countries on 3 September 2016. Among the participants were the world’s top skyscraper racers who are joining in the VWC for ranking points and final prizes.

Elite or not, it is definitely a commendable feat to have scaled the heights of Beijing’s tallest tower that is standing proud at 330m with 82 floors and 2,041 steps.

All registration fees (RMB70,000) raised from the 2016 Beijing Vertical Run will benefit the Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons.

2016 Beijing Vertical Run: A Run that is as Exhilarating as the View from the Top

The Only Way is Up

General Manager of China World Summit Wing, Beijing, Mr. Hakan Ozel said,

“I am truly amazed by the performance and abilities of the elite athletes. I can imagine how much hard work and time they put into training to become so fit. Their capabilities remind me of what the human body is capable of. I am also impressed by the passion and energy from the individual runners. It is the pleasure of China World Summit Wing, Beijing to hold this event and to share an active lifestyle with more people.”

Reigning world champions, Piotr Lobodzinski from Poland and Australia’s Suzy Walsham stole the show at the colossal skyscraper with their dominance in the men’s and women’s elite races respectively. Both victors were awarded handsomely with the first prize of RMB11,450.

Lobodzinski, who was exhausted yet escatic, threw himself to the ground at the finish line after setting a new record for the Beijing leg of the race with a timing of 0:09:47, shaving 6 seconds off the previous record. Following close behind were Australia’s Mark Bourne who came in second with a timing of 0:10:13 and China’s Jia Er Ren Jia who clinched the last podium position with a timing of 0:11:24.

2016 Beijing Vertical Run: A Run that is as Exhilarating as the View from the Top

Reigning Vertical World Circuit champions, Piotr Lobodzinski and Suzy Walsham.

Winner and record holder of the men’s elite race, Piotr Lobodzinski from Poland commented,

“I’m very happy and satisfied with the fourth win in a row and being here in China World Summit Wing, Beijing. I will continue to be motivated to protect my champion title next year!”

In the women’s elite race, Australian Suzy Walsham defended her title with a timing of 0:11:51. While she had managed to beat her record last year, her 2013 record of 0:11:46 was still by far, her best performance. Walsham was closely followed by China’s Gao Meng and Australia’s Alice McNarama who came in at a timing of 0:12:19 and 0:12:55 respectively.

Winner and record holder of the women’s elite race, Suzy Walsham from Australia commented,

“This is my fourth time here in Beijing, and my fourth win. I am definitely thrilled with that. The hotel is also the tallest building that I have climbed this year. I am very happy to reach the top to see this view!”

The Vertical World Circuit will make its next appearance in Shanghai on 23 October 2016 and conclude with the grand finale in Hong Kong on 4 December 2016 at the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC. The World Champions will then be crowned and awarded with a final prize of HK$100,000.

Ready to scale greater heights? Join in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon as we conquer one of Southeast Asia's tallest hotels on 20 November 2016.

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