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2XU Compression Run 2012: The Heat is On

by On Apr 2, 2012
2XU Compression Run 2012: The Heat is On

Think about an old automobile that’s been somewhat underutilised. The scenario: you crank the engine, and crank, and crank, and crank till it starts. That’s how it’s been for the first quarter of this year. There were glimpses of race season returning to its full razzle-dazzle only to retreat to a laidback recluse. But now, it starts for real. The vibe has significantly progressed from one of being in a state of “warm-up” to that of intense competition and from what we’ve witnessed today, it’s happened at the 2XU Compression Run.

In a slightly unorthodox inception, it was pretty amusing; the temporarily erected START point on the road adjacent to Nicoll Highway MRT station, just a stone’s throw away from a calm Kallang River. While ensuing traffic carried on as per usual on the opposite side, the runners had an entire trunk road cordoned off. And you could tell how heated the air was when competitive runners on the first wave began taking it out on the emcee; flag-off party was nowhere to be seen when the clock struck 7am. But then it was all in good fun – the teasing and all. As soon as the sirens went, the front barrage “uncompressed” themselves with breakaway speed.

The morning squeeze in funnel-like fashion

The morning squeeze in funnel-like fashion

Unlike other events where shorter distance categories are normally a non-competitive second tier, the 2XU race saw 10 and 15-kilometre participants run parallel in terms of standards, with more than decent timings clocked by finishers in both. Foo Gen Lin, a 29-year old Bone Doctor was first to cross the FINISH line, completing 10 kilometres in a respectable time of 35min 59sec.

“It’s my first 2XU Compression Run. I’ve done a lot of other races but just haven’t actually had the chance to do this race because of work commitments for the past few years but yes, I think it was quite well organised. There were actually kilometre-markers and I think there were sufficient water points along the way but the route I thought, I mean it’s the same route every year for most races I think. But the NTUC U Run was pretty much the same route as well just like Nicoll Highway, and the roundabout and the end of it. So it’s good in a way because you know how to pace yourself,” credits Foo. “Quite happy with the lead cyclists who were basically leading the way without getting lost. So that was very handy because some races they just get some guys who suddenly veer off the wrong way completely. They are like completely lost about the actual route itself.”

Legs wrapped, pacing ahead

Legs wrapped, pacing ahead

There you go; premium race organisation for you. Well, let’s not forget about the 15-kilometre category. Dev Kumar Rai nailed it in a time of 52min 17sec, followed by a Moroccan gentleman, Ahmad Lamchannak, 31, who crossed the causeway from his Malaysian residence just for the race.

“Yes I come to Singapore. I like to come to Singapore for races. Always organiser pretty pretty good and also I so many friends to support and I have also Newton as a sponsor, Singaporean (the person who sponsored him), and 2XU,” says Restaurant Manager, Lamchannak. “Very good. Actually I don’t know what that one because I’m thinking to do good time and be champion but luck is no; second place.”

The top three finishers from the 15-kilometre cateogry – Men’s and Women’s Competitive – were awarded S$800, S$500 and S$300 worth of prizes respectively; $500, $300 and $250 worth of prizes for 10-kilometre winners.

The "finished" cheer

The "finished" cheer

Godspeed to all who took part! We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of you around in the weeks to come. As we press on with our very own race antics, let’s take a moment to remember cancer victims and their noble caregivers; a cause the 2XU Compression Run has undertaken in support of Daffodil Days. Keeping that in mind, never take your healthy physique for granted.

Race Results


  1. Dev Kumar Rai - 52min 17sec
  2. Ahmad Lamchannak - 52min 47sec
  3. Ang Chee Yong - 56min 05sec


  1. Anne Qi Hui - 58min 53s
  2. Sue Corser - 01hrs 07min 05sec
  3. Brenda Payne - 01hrs 07min 29sec


  1. Foo Gen Lin - 35min 59sec
  2. Colin Tung - 36min 13sec
  3. Stuart Haynes - 36min 37sec


  1. Suzanna Walsham - 37min 54sec
  2. Vivian Tang - 39min 33sec
  3. Natasha Buckley - 41min 55sec

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