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2XU Compression Run 2015 Race Review: Postponed Event Bounced Back With Delights

by On Aug 5, 2015
2XU Compression Run 2015 Race Review: Postponed Event Bounced Back With Delights

The weather on Sunday, 2 August 2015 was a blessing. The atmosphere was the best it could be for such an early event with great supporters.

This wasn’t my first 2XU race. I took part in the 2011 (12km) and 2013 (21.1km) edition before. I took part in the half marathon this year with the feel-good people from Running Department. It was supposed to be a build-up run to Sundown/Gold Coast Marathon for some of our fellow runners but the event got postponed due to the departure of Mr. Lee KY. I took part to soak in the atmosphere and took it as a bonding session with my team.

2XU Compression Run 2015 Race Review: Postponed Event Bounced Back With Delights

Me and friends from Running Department

The Good

I enjoyed the race carnival as a whole and am delighted that the hydration points throughout the race were sufficient, evenly placed, and served chilled Pocari Sweat.

The route was marked very clearly for the runners, and this year’s 2XU Compression Run was also very well organised.

The race organiser actually managed to get a run route mapped out despite the unforeseen circumstances, leading to the postponement. They could have cancelled the event but didn’t, which was definitely a tough call during that period!

The Bad

Although it's probably due to the postponement of the event, the starting point was rather tough to access for many both who drove and took the provided transport. Drivers who parked at the suggested location had to walk relatively far, and those who took the free shuttle were caught up in a long queue, thus arriving late at the venue. Another point to bring up was the particularly early flag off time at 4:30 a.m. for the half marathon run.

The Ugly

This was a first was me, but it was nevertheless an ugly experience: Someone cut the queue by climbing over the fence to be placed near the starting point. The runners around didn’t mind that too much, but most did when he stood and peed through his full compression suit. I didn’t realise it until I felt a little of the tingle and turned my head. I thought he could have settled his business at the bushes by the side before climbing over, since that would have been more considerate. Definitely an unpleasant start!

Food for Thought for the Organiser

I would definitely have liked the half marathon shifted later to 5:30 a.m. There was a certain area along ECP that was not well lit up and the narrow path didn’t really help. I had to be cautious about where I was landing on along this path.

Will I Be Running the Race Again?

Despite the early flag off, I had a great run with my team mates. So as long as situation permits for the next edition, I would still be taking part.

2XU Compression Run 2015 Race Review: Postponed Event Bounced Back With Delights

In Summary

I’m satisfied with my timing since I was aiming for a completion. I didn’t push for a better result given the insufficient training leading up to this run.

Like every other race, it was the photo-taking sessions and chit chatting with fellow runners that I enjoyed most. I walked around the booths, and enjoyed the beer and some light refreshment like the cereals. I didn’t queue up for the towels but felt it was good gesture from the organiser.

An unfortunately postponed event that went right eventually. 2XU Run was good overall, although it started too early for my liking.

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Lance has spent a decade pounding the pavement, gravel and trail, creating wonderful footmark memories. Glad he caught the run virus and dedicate it to his running buddy. With much more to learn and discover, he is determined to better himself and inspire others to join him on this journey.

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