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AK Balloon Run 3.0: Mass Fuchsia Balloons Dominating Kuala Lumpur City

by On Aug 28, 2016

Strategically located across the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and directly above one of the busiest LRT station, Avenue K is a cosmopolitan shopping mall that aims to be the third space between work and home.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

A total of 2,000 runners, young and old of all creeds and colour came bustling early at around 6.30 a.m. today to take part in Kuala Lumpur’s only balloon run organized by Avenue K shopping mall. The 5 kilometre fun run took place in the vicinity of the trendy new shopping mall along a scenic route within the city centre mainly via Jalan Pinang, Jalan Binjai and Jalan Mayang.

What made the run unique is that runners were required to tie balloons to any part of their body throughout the 5 km route which strategically connects various city attractions such as the Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex, starting and finishing at AK’s main entrance on Jalan Ampang.

The balloons also acted as time boosters in that there was an addition of 5 seconds per balloons or a deduction of 5 seconds per lost or burst balloon from the runner’s official finishing time, once they completed the race.

AK Balloon Run has grown to become one of Malaysia’s favourite running events that has drawn thousands of local and international runners to navigate a route covering beautiful and historical landmarks around the city of Kuala Lumpur.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

Friends bonding at AK Balloon Run 3.0.

"We started Balloon Run in the year of 2014 with only 700 over participants. I am very delighted to see the overwhelming response this year.”

said Phang Sze Sze, Deputy General Manager of Avenue K.

“The success of AK Balloon Run 3.0 also lies in the endless support from all our partners namely Visa, 8TV, Fly FM, KPJ Healthcare, and Fitness First. Balloon Run 3.0 would not be a success without the support from all of our partners. I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of them who have been supportive of our events. The fun run showcases a perfect example of Avenue K’s dedication to sporting connection and wellness. This devotion is displayed in the mall’s dedication to building trust through continuity, credibility and competence in the field of sports.”

she added.

The top 10 winners from Men and Women’s Open categories (7km) and top 3 Men’s Veteran category (7km) were rewarded with a total of cash prizes worth RM 5,200 while the top 3 winners from Men and Women’s International (7km) and Family categories 95km) were rewarded with a total of AK cash vouchers worth RM 1,800.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

Top 3 winners for family category (1st Winner - Lee Pei Wei, 2nd prize - Fong Tze Chiak, 3rd prize - Fahmy Sabudin.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

Top 3 winners for men's veteran category (1st prize- Lim Khon Seng, 2nd prize -Shilahuddin Salim, 3rd prize - Ong Chin.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

Women's International category (1st prize - 2nd prize - Diteegorn Mola, 3rd prize - Lizette David Aquino.

AK Balloon Run 3.0: Fuchsia balloons dominating Kuala Lumpur city

Group photos with Top 10 winners for Women's Open category (1st prize - Chua Khit Yeng, 2nd prize - Loh Chooi Fern, 3rd prize - Tan Mei Wai.

All participants also received a limited edition sling bag, race bib, dri-fit race shirt and balloons. Finishers received medals and e-certificates.

What was more exciting this year for the runners was the pre-running workshop session organised and conducted by Fitness First on 27 August 2016. This workshop has certainly helped the runners to be more equipped with pre-run skills.

Local celebrities from a popular Chinese series called “Punch & Jude” namely Henley, Fabian and Mei Sim also joined the professional trainers from Fitness First for a 10-minute warm up session before sending runners to their run at Avenue K’s main entrance following by the flag-off session by the Director of Tourism KL, Mr. Akbal Setia and Avenue K’s Deputy General Manager, Phang Sze Sze.

For more information about AK Balloon Run, events, promotions and campaigns in Avenue K, visit the here.

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