If you never learned much about the Philippines because you slept through your geography teacher’s lectures, we’d like to give you reasons to visit that country—reasons that could make you regret that snooze you if you sign up for the 26th May ASICS Relay Philippines 2018.

Did you know that this nation is made up of around 7,500 islands and 5,000 of them aren’t inhabited? Folks speak 175 different languages, though most converse in English and Tagalog. What does that mean for you? Run the ASICS Relay Philippines and you won’t have a problem being understood by officials or the warm and welcoming people you meet.

Most-favoured Filipino sports are basketball and boxing, but that doesn’t mean enthusiasm for running isn’t sweeping this nation. After all, Asia has become a hot spot for marathoners and things are expected to heat up even more in the future. How do we know this? Around 750 teams of relay runners are expected to participate in ASICS Relay Philippines 2018, so you’ll have plenty of company if you join the party.

About ASICS Relay Philippines 2018

The ASICS Relay offers runners everything an athlete enamoured of relay racing desires. There are race categories reserved for a fun mix of teams: All men, all women or mixed; which means that at least one of four people on a team must be a member of the opposite sex.

While this event is held at night, you’ll need no torches to light your way along either the 21km or 42km course. The excitement kicks off at the SM Mall of Asia and the route takes teams through areas of Manila that are lit up like Christmas trees.

Jump into the fray, finish like superstars and your team could bring home some awesome prizes. First place winners in all categories can snag airline tickets, accommodations and race slots to compete at any of the other ASICS Relay events being staged in 2018.

But before you pack, you have work to do. Recruit your mates. Figure out whether your team has the collective stamina to undertake the 42km full- or 21km half-distance and then don’t waste a minute signing your team up if you hope to get the early bird rate, which expires on 4th April, at Spacebib.

Photo Credit: ASICS Relay

What can you expect on race day?

For starters, Runner One on your roster will report to the Start Arch carrying the team relay token. The other three mates head for the Transition Zone to wait for the first runner and baton to arrive.

Whether or not you’ve run a relay in the past, you understand the importance of picking the right runner for the right leg—especially Runner #4 who is charged with responsibility for bringing home the final time.

There’s lots cheer if you finish in a good position; S$1000 in cash for first place in all categories and S$600 per team for the group that places second.

But the early finishers aren’t the only runners destined to cash in; ASICS jackets, backpacks and running caps plus smaller cash prizes will be awarded and ASICS will also give away product vouchers to team members who have noteworthy finishes that are worth between S$200 and S$400.

Photo Credit: ASICS Relay
RELAY CATEGORY Early Bird Rates* (for 4 runners in a team) Normal Rates* (for 4 runners in a team)
DATE 14 Mar – 4 Apr 2018 5 Apr – 27 April 2018
42KM FULL MARATHON – MALE PhP 3,600 per team PhP 3,800 per team
42KM FULL MARATHON – FEMALE PhP 3,600 per team PhP 3,800 per team
42KM FULL MARATHON – MIXED** PhP 3,600 per team PhP 3,800 per team
21KM HALF MARATHON – MALE PhP 3,400 per team PhP 3,600 per team
21KM HALF MARATHON – FEMALE PhP 3,400 per team PhP 3,600 per team
21KM HALF MARATHON – MIXED** PhP 3,400 per team PhP 3,600 per team

ASICS Store Promotion: Between 14 March to 14 April 2018, if you spend PHP 5,900 and above in a single receipt in any of the participating ASICS stores, you can receive a complimentary team slot to ASICS Relay Philippines 2018! Complimentary slots are limited; terms and conditions apply.

Come for the race. Stay for the sites!

A plethora of prestigious travel magazines call Philippines the ideal destination, showcasing areas like the island of Palawan, called “one of the best islands in the world” by editors at “Condé Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure.”

If you enjoy water sports as much as you like running, stick around after the relay race (with or without team members) to enjoy scuba diving, swim in lush lagoons and visit UNESCO world heritage sites.

You can checkout the beautiful scenery of Mt. Pinatubo crater lake after the race.

If you’re brave, you can climb Mt. Pinatubo, site of a powerful volcanic eruption in 1991, or take a volcano tour to Camiguin, home to more volcanoes per square mile than any other island on Planet Earth.

Get around Manila on a Jeepney, a vehicle that can take 18 passengers on bumpy city tours. These old U.S. military vehicles were rehabbed and turned into quirky tourism vehicles, overly decorated with graphics that run the gamut from religious icons to cartoon characters.

Revisit the SM Mall of Asia to shop or go to the 5,451,220 sq. ft. Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall to shop if you did the 42km and your legs aren’t killing you. One way or another, your journey to the ASICS Relay is guaranteed to leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Do you have techniques for recruiting relay race mates? Do you bribe friends? Promise to return the favour? Or do you have a posse of eager runners on speed dial who can be counted on to say “Yes!” in response to a single text message?

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