Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Side!

by On Jun 28, 2016

You may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Side!

Well-loved superheroes descended on Singapore’s shores yet again – this time in the form of a themed race. The Batman v Superman run was held on the 26th of June at the sunny Sentosa Island.

In sync with the movie theme, participants were given the choice of joining either Team Batman, Gotham City’s vigilante or Team Superman, Metropolis’ highly revered saviour. The key differences between the two opposing camps were the race singlet and the race route ran. Otherwise, participants received the same finisher’s medal – a stylish combination of both Batman and Superman’s iconic logos.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Sides!

Starting to feel the excitement for the run to come…

Organised by the same people behind the DC Justice League Run in 2015, it was a race that left Superhero fans rejoicing in anticipation for months. A mere casual follower of the movies, I chose to be part of Team Batman to experience the hype for myself!

Race Experience

The race experience was a fun, pleasant surprise and one I enjoyed.

First of all, the multi-terrain race route was a refreshing change from usual runs! Running with Team Batman led us across the sandy Tanjong Beach and along the grassy coastline of the island, on top of just mere roads.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Sides!

Look at the view during the ‘mini-trail running’ portion of the Team Batman route!

This kept the race exciting - I was not expecting a sudden change to trail route terrain. It was a simple trail route that definitely catered to those who did not have much trail running experience.

It was an interesting sight to see a few families pushing strollers across the grassy terrain during the race as well. Simply changing things up a little helped in setting it apart from other themed runs on Singapore’s running calendar.

A family-friendly run that appeals to both children and parents, introducing the different few elements to the race route also exposes younger children to different types of race routes. Perhaps this would do good in inspiring them to pick up running as a hobby as well in the future.

Abundant Photo Opportunities!

Changing up the terrain also meant that runners had several different backdrops to take photos along the run!

With the sand and the sea in the background, Tanjong Beach proved to be a popular spot to take beautifully framed jump shots. Many runners stopped along the beach to take selfies, jump shots, or pose proudly with their Batman capes.

Given Singaporeans' appetite for taking selfies and Instagram-worthy shots, I'm sure many were happy with the changing scenery! Being able to take memorable photographs during the race centred around their favourite superheroes was an added plus.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Sides!

Couldn’t resist taking a photo during the run myself. #TeamBatman!

Along the way, many were running with their Batman (or Superman) cape. Their cape billowed in the wind, especially when the winds were stronger along the beach. It was heartening to see the display of enthusiasm and enjoyment of the runners.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Sides!

Posing with my cape at the end of the race!

Post-race Carnival

The post-race carnival was a good ending to the positive race experience thus far. Games such as arm wrestling were fun in engaging runners after the event, together with the comfortable synthetic grass field. The highlight was going around the area posing for photos with the life-sized posters, and Superman and Wonder Woman.

Batman v Superman Run 2016 Race Report: Choose Your Sides!

Perhaps having food vendors selling light snacks could have enhanced the post-race carnival. With the majority of runners finishing early around 9am or earlier, light snacks or breakfast would have been welcomed! (Think: Superhero shaped cookies...oh the possibilities!) After all, the synthetic grass was rather suitable for a picnic!

Overall Event Round Up

The Batman vs Superman run was a great platform for friends or families to spend time together, for a relaxed Sunday morning run. It was definitely nothing like the movie – the run was fun, exciting, and a great hype!

The enthusiasm and excitement of fans was highly infectious. Should there be another edition of a superhero themed run again, I know I’d definitely be going for it!

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