The Civil Service Club runs were traditionally a friendly competitive dash between various factions of the public sector, with the Ghurkhas from the police force always filling the podium stands. Today, the Civil Service Club promotes sports and other recreational activities, and their runs have become an annual event for civil servants from all departments to run their hearts out.

This year’s 2013 race saw over 3500 people being treated to the wonderful backdrop of the Singapore Flyer and city skyline overlooking the Marina Barrage stretch of the route.

It was a sea of red coursing through the Marina Barrage, with civil servants from various departments such as the MHA, MOE, MOH, LTA, IRAS, HDB, and more taking part. The MOE was the overall champion for the public service category.

Hillary Chirchir and Sue Corser took home the top spot for the men’s and women’s 15KM category, clocking in at 50 minutes 14 seconds and 60 minutes 10 seconds respectively.

For the 10KM category, Dev Kunar Rai and Vanja Cnops won with timings of 34 minutes 9 seconds and 39 minutes 55 respectively.

Ken Kipkurui Langat was first for the men’s 5KM category at 16 minutes 11 seconds, while Suzanne Walsham was the women’s 5KM champion at 17 minutes 34 seconds.

Putting aside the minor quibbles, this year’s CSC race was an overall success, and the blazing heat didn’t faze anyone, judging by the smiles seen from so many faces!

The members that make up the Civil Service Club work in agencies that operate on almost any venue – road, beach, park, waterway, or stadium in Singapore. Hopefully, next year’s race can take place in even more interesting places!

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