Check Your CSC Run by the Bay 2017 Full Race Results and Download e-Certificate!

by On Oct 3, 2017

The CSC Run By The Bay is organised by the Civil Service Club. It is a key event in the Public Service STAR Games Calendar and is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among public officers and the community at large.

Check Your CSC Run by the Bay 2017 Race Results

The CSC Run by the Bay 2017 flagged off on 01 October 2017 at Marina Barrage, starting from 5 a.m. with the 21KM Ekiden category first, followed by 10KM, 5KM and 1KM category.

10km Male Open Winners

  1. Adriel Tay @ 00:35:31
  2. Wei Xiang Ong @ 00:37:46
  3. Dominic Watkins @ 00:38:28

10km Female Open Winners

  1. Ee Ling Ong@ 00:45:07
  2. Qianyi Ng @ 00:48:43
  3. Lydia stalin @ 00:49:55

21km Male Open Winners

  1. Josphat Kiptanui Too Cheboi @ 01:15:05
  2. Gordon Lim @ 01:20:32
  3. Michael Hua @ 01:25:43

21km Female Open Winners

  1. Jemimah Wayua Musau @ 01:20:52
  2. Caroline Kigen @ 01:26:58
  3. Xiuying Hu @ 01:30:51

The full race results are available now. Do check them out below.

Full CSC Run By The Bay Open Results

Full CSC Run By The Bay Public Service Results

For inquires with your race result, you can write in to the organiser.

View your race results & download your CSC Run By The Bay 2017 electronic certificate (for 21KM & 10KM competitive runners only) below.

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