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Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

by On Jul 23, 2014
Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

The Garfield Run might be one of the cutest races to have ever taken place in Singapore. Tourists and visitors to Marina Bay Sands were pleasantly surprised last Saturday evening, as over 8,200 runners dressed up in bright orange Garfield tee shirts and dashed through Marina Bay!

Unlike many other running events, the Garfield Run did not include the usual 10km or half marathon distances, but focused on shorter distances, like the 5km Competitive, 3km Fun Run, and shorter distances for the kids.

The shorter distances were meant for family interaction and fun, something that race organisers Pink Apple encouraged.

Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

Smiling Volunteers and Excited Children

I have never seen volunteers in running events as enthusiastic as the ones in Garfield Run. Their huge smiles and encouragement made the run so much more enjoyable. From the baggage deposit point to the 2 water points, they were full of smiles and enthusiasm.

When asked by RunSociety, a volunteer said,

"If I am happy, I can also make the runners happy with my smiles too. Also, the kids are so cute, I can't help but smile!"

And how adorable the kids were! Around 400 children aged between 3-12 years old turned up with their parents to enjoy some exciting fun.

Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

Shorter Race Distances Encouraged Fun and Bonding

The longest competitive distance was the 5km Garfield & Arlene Couple Run, but it was a twist on the usual "who runs fastest wins" criteria. Runners ran in pairs, and both timings would be included.

Not only that, the 5km category was a little more special than the other races. Like the category name implied, I got to see the famously lazy Garfield running! What a treat!

The furry feline's antics definitely encouraged some runners, as many couples could be seen finishing the race hand in hand, At the finish line, runners each got their cute Garfield medal, as well as a packet of popcorns, which was a great snack to munch on!

Garfield Run 2014 Attracts 8,200 for an Evening of Furry Fun

Local Crooners, Fun Beats and Fireworks!

After the race, local music duo ShiLi & Adi wowed the crowd with their charming vocals, while DJ Gravity rocked with the post race party.

Runners even got to see some exciting fireworks light up the Marina Bay Sands area! What a great way to spend an unforgettable Saturday night!

I think this was a really great event to encourage fitness and family bonding. There was even a 1.5km dash for a parent to run with their child. Spending time to train and participate in a race is an excellent way to strengthen family bonds!

Not many races focus on family and relationships like the Garfield Run did. And I'm pretty sure the cute Garfield mascots were an added bonus too!

Event Overview

  • For the 5km route, 2 hydration points were just sufficient for runners.
  • Seeing cute mascots like Garfield, Odie, and others encouraged runners to have fun.
  • Race categories encouraged teamwork, and post-race party and events also brought families and friends closer.

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Jayme is an avid runner and writer who is also an animal activist. She is very passionate in racing and writing.

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