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Green Corridor Run 2014: 7,000 Runners Braved the Heavy Downpour

by On May 19, 2014
Green Corridor Run 2014: 7,000 Runners Braved the Heavy Downpour

Heavy Rain didn't stop 7,000 runners from tackling the Green Corridor Run yesterday. The race aimed to raise awareness of this little-known stretch of greenery in Singapore.

Starting at the disused Tanjong Pagar railway station and ending approximately 10.5km later at the Bukit Timah rail station, the Green Corridor Run was the first experience that many participants had of the scenic area that was the former KTM rail line that connected Singapore to Malaysia for many runners.

Breathing New Life into Old Places

The deserted train platforms at which once linked travellers to Malaysia were given a new lease of life again; less adventurous runners huddled inside them, waiting for the rain to clear.

Many more runners decided to embrace the rain, and the race started with little delay once the green light was given.

Green Corridor Run 2014: 7,000 Runners Braved the Heavy Downpour

While last year's race was sunny and clear, this year's downpour offered runners a chance to experience the Green Corridor from a totally different perspective.

Rain or Shine, all a Matter of Perspective

Race volunteers and staff rose up to the occasion, with the numerous medical stations and water stations operating at peak efficiency regardless of the weather.

With medical stations on standby, this was a chance for the optimistic runner to enjoy the otherwise rarely-visited Green Corridor in challenging conditions with the reassuring thought that medical aid was only a short distance away.

Race organiser Ben Williams was very impressed by how positive the runners were in the difficult conditions, saying:

"Everyone at the finish area is reporting to us what a memorable day it has been, that the heavy rain actually enriched the race experience for them. Being out in heavy rain whilst in nature is a new experience for many and they have thoroughly enjoyed it."

Green Corridor Run 2014: 7,000 Runners Braved the Heavy Downpour

Raising Funds to Preserve Singapore’s Natural Heritage

The Green Corridor Run raised S$9,000 for the Nature Society of Singapore, and had over 7,000 runners from 70 nationalities represented.

If last year's run felt like an introduction class to trail running, this year's Green Corridor Run was like being thrown into the deep end of a pool: everyone was soaked and loved it. We look forward to an even bigger and better Green Corridor Run next year!

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