Take On Your Next Race With a Pair of Iffley Road Compression Shorts

by On May 13, 2020

Wear something that is new and different.

Take On Your Next Race With This Compression Shorts

This compression shorts from Iffley Road is certainly a new and different piece of running gear that you would not usually find on the shelves. Iffley Road’s products represent the triumphant accomplishment of Sir Roger Bannister–the amazing sub 4 minute-mile that he ran in 1954 at the iconic Iffley Road Track in Oxford, UK.

This particular product by Iffley Road is called the Chester 10" Compression Shorts in Raceday Blue. It also comes in the colour of Gravel Black and Night Sky.

The shorts have a relatively long inside leg with a laser cut lower hem and elasticated tape. It is made from 71% micro polyamide, 29% elastane and has UPF 50+ sun protection.

Iffley Road’s logo at the back of the compression shorts, is the tri-striped ribbon which pays tribute to the original Amateur Athletics Association (AAA) colours from the 1950s. In my opinion, this is a unique feature that brings back history and serves as a reminder of the trail blazing glory of the old days.

Take On Your Next Race With This Compression Shorts

The Chester compression shorts come with two pockets, one on each side. One for your mobile phone and the other, which is slightly smaller, is for keys and coins.

I was pretty sceptical at first because I am not a believer of having pockets on compression shorts because firstly, sweat might get to my mobile phone and valuables and secondly, the items in the pockets might affect the compression quality of the shorts.

There are 3 things that I usually look for in a pair of compression shorts. Does it hug my body in the right places? Does it ride up my thighs during my run? Does it cause chafing?

However, with the Chester shorts, there was more to uncover, and it challenged my perceptions of what goes into a pair of good quality compression shorts.

Runner’s boon

  • The shorts hugged my quadriceps and hamstring muscles and was not too tight in the groin area. It fit snugly around the waist. The leg portion of the shorts did not ride up my leg and did not restrict my movement while running.
  • The shorts are soft on the skin, does not cause chafing and is very comfortable to wear.
  • The pockets enhance the functionality of the shorts and it allows you to carry your valuables with you while on your run.

Runner’s bane

  • Although the pockets come in handy at times, I think having them lowers the quality of the compression and over time, putting too many items in the pockets may cause the fabric to stretch.
  • In terms of style, it is not the most stylish compression shorts in the market.
Take On Your Next Race With This Compression Shorts


All in all, the compression short is great for your training runs and looks great with Iffley Road’s Lancaster Striped Drirelease Vest together with the Pembroke 5" Dover White shorts.

The Chester 10" Compression Shorts is sold on the Iffley Road online store at a price of £35 (reduced from £75).

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