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ILLUMI RUN 2013 Delights 10,000 Runners With Fun Vibes

by On Dec 9, 2013
ILLUMI RUN 2013 Delights 10,000 Runners With Fun Vibes

Nearly 10,000 runners lit up Saturday’s cool night sky at the F1 Village. Making its debut in Singapore, the inaugural ILLUMI RUN delivered a night of neon fun.

Starting off with upbeat Korean-Pop, runners were splashed with illumi glow water. Big bubbles floated by in the first zone, as runners ran past holding their glow sticks, evoking childhood memories inside the UV-lit marquee. Funky Retro tunes and disco balls followed in zone two, while the illumi neon effects were brought to life with runners moving through four black marquees specially installed with UV lights. The 5km non-competitive fun run culminated in a tunnel along Republic Boulevard with an enthralling laser display that pulsated to euphoric Electronic Dance Music.

ILLUMI RUN 2013 Delights 10,000 Runners With Fun Vibes

"It has been an incredible journey debuting the ILLUMI RUN in Singapore. The atmosphere is awesome, and at times, it seemed more like a party than a run! We are glad to see so many happy faces enjoying the night and we can’t wait to come back in 2014 with an even greater and brighter run," said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, conceptualiser and organiser of ILLUMI RUN.

ILLUMI RUN 2013 Delights 10,000 Runners With Fun Vibes

The party continued on after the finish line, with Official Party Partner Mink and Massive Collective DJs Sabrina, Tinc, Mathias, and ATran. Urban Drum Crew also performed on self-improvised water LED drums and treated participants to a unique percussion performance with special pyrotechnic displays further ramping up the night.

The first-of-its-kind event in Asia, the ILLUMI RUN thrilled participants with the musical themed zones, leaving runners glowing with fun and enjoyment.

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