After its successful debut in Singapore last year, Illumi Run made its way back to our tropical island this year on 28 November and 29 November 2014. 8,000 participants partied on Friday and another 10,000 participants joined in the party-run on Saturday night.

Participants ran through the 5km non-competitive run route while being splashed with “Illumi Glow Water”, a non-toxic paint which glows under ultraviolet light, at 5 different themed zones. Party music spun by Massive Collective DJs such as Rave Republic, DJ Sabrina, DJ Stanley, DJ Gemstarr and DJ Valerie pumped up the participants. The run also provides a great night view of Singapore’s iconic city skyline, including a panoramic view of the newly built Sports Hub alongside the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

A Great Race With The Right Atmosphere

The entire atmosphere of the run was definitely set right by the enthusiastic participants. Everyone was raising their light sticks, raving to the beats. The different-coloured LED wrist-bands and glow-in-the-dark shutter shades made the crowd extra exuberant. Everyone was high five-ing one another, and there were random cheers all around, the whole mood of the run was frisky and impish.

Though named a “run”, most participants were walking throughout the 5km route. It felt more like a socializing and get-together run. Let your hair down and sweat all your troubles out!

A Run With Great Management

Human flow was handled very carefully; participants were released in batches for the start of the run, and the emcee and DJ were always keeping the atmosphere high and rowdy. Not a minute of the race was silent.

Sufficient volunteers were at the hydration points to hand out mineral water and 100 Plus. Plus points for the extra thoughtful wet towels and portable basins at the checkpoint! Participants were able to wash and wipe themselves clean to take the public transport after the run. The water-based Illumi glow water was very easy to be cleaned off – definitely no long showers required!

A Rather Competitive Run

Yes you read it right, it was a competitive run. But instead of racing to be the first to finish the race, participants were extremely competitive to paint the town and have extra fun!

Every zone was Instagram-worthy. The friendly volunteers around were also more than happy to help with picture taking. Taking a selfie? Expect a photobomb, there will be many more faces popping from behind!

The Illumi glow water stains the white race shirt, and at the end of the run, no two race tees are ever alike. Several participants even customised their race shirts, making it a tank top, crop top, or even a spag top. Show off your race shirt under the UV lights at some rest pits.

With DJs spinning party tracks, don’t forget to video the fun moments of you and your friends dancing along to the house music! If music crowds aren’t your thing, refresh yourself with some snacks or drinks at the pop-up stalls at the finishing point! Or just sit around the finishing point, relaxing with your friends and watching the party zone from afar.

We Painted More Than Just The Town

Something must have gone wrong if you didn’t enjoy Illumi Run 2014. From the swag bag collection, to the race logistics, run route, crowd atmosphere, everything was set just right. No matter the age, participants were all running to get splashed in their favourite colour. It was just like when you were young and you get to choose your favourite crayon colour – now you get to choose your favourite Illumi glow water colour on yourself.

Missing the race? Take a look at your run shirt, and remember that no one else’s is the exactly the same at yours.

Jane Lau

Jane believes words have the ability to associate, relate, and unite. She wishes to use her knowledge and skills in this communication field to create, discover and enrich.

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