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ILLUMI RUN 2016: Singapore’s Ultimate Party on the Run

by On Dec 21, 2016

Because you were born to light up the world.

ILLUMI RUN 2016: Singapore’s Ultimate Party on the Run

A wave of neon colours hit Sentosa’s Palawan Green last Saturday evening on 17 December 2016, as the island’s hottest beach destination played host to 6,000 ILLUMI runners.

Held for the first time on the beach, the fourth edition of the ILLUMI RUN also showcased exciting new features such as a ‘Neon Paradise’ route and an inflatable glow slide, making it Singapore’s first night run with a slide.

Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, conceptualiser and organiser of ILLUMI RUN said,

“This was our first time holding ILLUMI RUN at Sentosa, and we cannot be happier with the positive feedback we received. We’re extremely grateful to all the participants who came down tonight, and hope all enjoyed the new experience of running and dancing through the beach while getting splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water.”

The key feature of the ILLUMI RUN village, the ILLUMI Glow Slide, saw participants getting soaked in Glow Water as they slid down the 30m long structure, ensuring that no one got through the night spot-free.

Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, conceptualiser and organiser of ILLUMI RUN said,

“This year we were also excited to introduce the ILLUMI Glow Slide, which had participants sliding through the night. It was indeed very heartening to see runners having so much fun as they took a dive on it and got soaked in Glow Water. We are already looking forward to delivering an even better ILLUMI RUN experience next year.”

ILLUMI RUN 2016: Singapore’s Ultimate Party on the Run

ILLUMI RUN 2016: Singapore’s Ultimate Party on the Run. Photo Credit: Infinitus

The Run

The ILLUMI RUN flagged off at 7.30pm and participants were treated to the innovative Neon Paradise route which featured 5 exhilarating glow zones with heart thumping music.

Welcoming the runners was Cosmic-Land, the first glow zone that brought forth neon bubbles and psychedelic rainbow light displays.

The second zone - Candy Pop, is a candy lover’s dream come true with life-sized candy and rainbow sprinkles.

After which was beach mode on with the third zone - A Beach Life, featuring neon floats and beach balls.

Flower Dreams await the runners next at the fourth zone, where a one-of-a-kind neon rain shower was set up to allow them to dance across a colourful field of flowers.

The last glow zone - Neon Rainforest offered a stunning glow paint display amidst the hottest fist-pumping tracks.

ILLUMI RUN 2016: Singapore’s Ultimate Party on the Run

All covered in ILLUMI Glow Water, the crowd jumps and cheers to DJ Cookie’s sick beats. Photo Credit: Infinitus

The evening culminated in a party at the finish line on Palawan Beach, where Asia’s most sought-after DJs, including DJ TiNC, Rave Republic and Taiwan’s DJ Cookie pumped up the luminescent crowd with electrifying music, ending the night on a neon high.

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