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Inaugural New Balance Run On Singapore 2015: More Than 4,000 Strong

by On Nov 2, 2015
Inaugural New Balance Run On Singapore 2015: More Than 4,000 Strong

The New Balance Run On Singapore saw over 4,000 participants attending the inaugural event despite the hazy weather last Saturday, 24 October 2015. A non-competitive walk was held in lieu of a race but participants kept their spirits high.

We didn’t want to deprive fans of a chance to enjoy the full New Balance experience at the race, which combines our strong performance and running heritage with lifestyle elements of a festival setting. We’re ecstatic over 4,000 people showed their support for the brand and the race. We’ll definitely be back next year, so do keep a lookout!
—Eugene Yeo, New Balance ASEAN Product and Marketing Manager

As the haze thinned and revealed clearer skies, thousands headed off from Gardens by the Bay East, with many opting to continue with a walk instead of the run. Tracing the scenic Marina Bay waterway, the 5 km route looped at Marina Barrage back to the finishing line.

I personally felt the race was well-organised and professionally carried out despite the unfortunate weather condition. The directions of the route were very clear with no bottlenecks, making the run a breeze. Definitely looking forward to more runs by New Balance!
—Beatrice Tan, 27

After the race-turned-walk, the New Balance Pop-up festival was in full swing. Participants savoured several tantalising treats, ranging from truffle fries to “sng baos” (ice pops), while enjoying electrifying performances by the Obedient Wives Club and Charlie Lim.

Inaugural New Balance Run On Singapore 2015: More Than 4,000 Strong

Photo Credit: New Balance

Fans present at the festival were able to pick and savour a wide range of tantalizing treats, from truffle fries to “sng baos” (ice pops) while basking in electrifying music from the Obedient Wives Club and Charlie Lim.

I had a great time at New Balance Run On, enjoying the great food, drinks and music. It was a stellar event, and I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s edition.
—James Aw Yong, 29

Were you amongst the 4,000 participants braving the haze? Was it worth it in the end? Share your thoughts with us!

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