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Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

by On Aug 12, 2013
Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

It is not a trail race where nature is beneath the feet, but the Kranji Countryside Run 2013 participants bonded with nature under the rain.

Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

Runners were seen queuing behind Yew Tee MRT station as early as 6.30 a.m. to catch the shuttle bus to the race venue. Volunteers were giving out ponchos to participants generously with a smile plastered on their faces, despite the heavy downpour from the heavens.

Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

Parents and their children wore the adorable race tees, bibs pinned up neatly on their shirts, and feet covered up with running shoes for their 4km race in Kranji Countryside. They were ready and excited for the race that they were going to run together, as the Kranji Countryside Run was one of the very few races in Singapore for parents and children to participate as a family.

The stipulated time for the flag-off for the 8 km race was 8 in the morning. The heavens continued pouring down at 8 a.m., and the race was said to be postponed to 30 minutes later. Unfortunately, the rain did not stop, and the 8 km race was cancelled.

On a brighter side, the 4 km fun run was still going to be flagged-off at 8.45 a.m. and 8 km competitive participants could still choose to run together.

Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

The 4 km route was a 2 km distance from the starting point at the Kranji NSRCC Golf Course gate before a brief turn into the Bollywood Veggies Farm and taking the same route back to the Kranji NSRCC Golf Course again.

A respected father was seen pushing a pram that held his son running at around 7:00 min/km pace, telling his son when he made the turn at the midpoint of the course to “Go, go, go! We are halfway done!”

Some parents held the little hands of their children and encouraged them to keep running and pushing all the way. Perhaps many future successful, persevering individuals (hopefully become avid runners themselves) are made because of this race.

In our everyday lives, how many times have we forgotten to encourage and inspire the little ones because the skies were grey and circumstances were not in our favour? I am beyond happy and touched to see these parents setting themselves as a role model for their kids to follow: Do not stop, even when it is raining and you feel like giving up. Little children will make our future, and it starts from them learning from the adults today.

Kranji Countryside Run 2013: Be In Touch With Nature

I am already visualising myself bringing my children to this race in the future and encouraging them like how the parents did this year.

Running under the rain makes you stronger than the elements.

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