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Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013

by On Jun 10, 2013
Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013

It felt like just another Saturday morning at East Coast Park. Cyclists, skaters, and runners were travelling up and down the path in their little groups of families and friends.

However, there was something different. Not just the fact that the sun was beaming down brightly, or that the constant sea breeze was a nice welcoming cool, but one could see a sea of orange shirts.

Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013

Over 2,700 runners gathered for Run For Life 2013, organised by Life Community Services Society.

For the first time in 17 years, LCSS decided to embark on a charity run to raise funds, increase awareness and support for the less privileged.

One of the most interesting aspects of Run For Life was the ability to gather families and attract participants across three generations. With categories such as 500m Kids Dash, 3.8km Fun Run & Walk, and a 10km Competitive Run, there was something for all, young and old.

In the competitive 10km event, Francis Kristian emerged as the Men’s winner with a time of 35:38, while Corser Sue was the women’s winner with a time of 40:23. All the runners gave a strong showing, encouraging everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle and to run for life.

Amongst the runners, there was a family of five, who took part in the 10km run together. Mohammed Asman, 50, Vice Principal of Millennia Institute started running with his family 5 years ago. His family runs 2 to 3 runs together every year.

The little kids, between ages 7 - 12, also showed great courage and sportsmanship in the 500m dash.

Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013

The rest of us, who were contented with a light Saturday morning workout, took part in the 3.8km Fun Run & Walk. Everyone was in little groups as we walked, talked and enjoyed the sights along East Coast Park. It was heartening to see such a great bonding time.

Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013

Through Run for Life 2013, Life Community Services and Society and co-organisers Noel Gifts, with partners such as Verztec, ADDP Architects, DG Packaging, Fairprice Foundation, Goodrich Global, and SMBE, managed to raise $450,000.

It was definitely not just another Saturday morning. It was a great Saturday morning for one and all, to do their part for the community and the children in need.

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