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Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014: Fun to be Tough

by On Mar 4, 2014
Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

Every year, I try to get different friends to run this race with me, because I want to share this wonderful experience with as many friends as possible. Running is fun, but clearing obstacles on top of that is another level of fun.

If I had to wake up at 5am to run a 14km race, I am glad it was THAT much fun.

Over the past few renditions of the race, the course has changed and the obstacles have evolved. Thankfully, one does not have to get muddy to be certified “tough” this year.

Exhilarating Route Through CBD

As the running scene in Singapore continues to mature, I feel that race organisation and logistics have to keep improving. From the flag-off, the runners immediately faced a choke point at the floating bay.

After this choke point, the runners raced off onto the scenic course through the CBD.

Generally, the route was pretty clear with sufficient marshals along the way, guiding runners. However, there were also a few intersections in the route where runners were heading in opposite direction but not keeping to their side to the road. This, at narrow paths, could have been fairly dangerous.

Challenged In Different Ways

One thing that impressed me was the fact that the obstacles tested more than just pure brute strength. Fort Canning Park itself, proved to be a true uphill battle while others struggled with the balancing beam and round pipes.

The “Leap of Faith” also proved to be quite challenging, in a different way, as it could make your “manly” parts hurt if you swung your full body weight at it!

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

Extra Fun “Mystery Obstacle”

The last obstacle, the mystery obstacle from Scoot, was very memorable. Given the option, I would probably have done it a few more times. Instead of crawling through mud, runners slide down a fairly high and steep slope into a refreshing pool before sprinting past the finish line.

Of course, some struggled to get to the top of the slope, as runners had to sprint up a curve, Ninja-Warrior-style. In my opinion, this is definitely a great way to end a great race.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

Certified “Tough”

Over the years, Men’s Health Urbanathlon has grown beyond a race. It feels more like a festival now. Sure, there will be competitive runners, but the rest of us are there to feel good about ourselves.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

It’s great to see fellow runners encourage each other, dishing out high-fives freely, and I even saw some people celebrating with a nice cup of ice cold beer, still sweaty after their run.

It is fun to be tough, and the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014 proved to be real fun!

Event Overview

  • Sufficient safety marshals guiding runners
  • Obstacles were engaging, and tested more than just brute strength
  • Very fun “mystery” obstacle by Scoot
  • Few places where runners were not keeping on their side of the road, causing some confusion
  • Choke point right at the start of the race
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