As MINDS celebrate their 60th anniversary this year, the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) is organising a Colour Socks Campaign to raise awareness of people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) within Singapore and promote more social inclusivity in society.

The Colour Socks Parade takes place between 21 March to 31 May 2022 to appreciate the attributes, gifts and talents of PWIDs in Singapore.

Activities at the parade aim to prove that disability is not an inability by showing that PWIDs are and can be important contributors to various societal activities when given the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

These activities will occur in accordance with safe management measures from 21 March to 1 April 2022 in different centres and schools to leave enough time and room for the parade, which will begin after the activities.

The Colour Socks Parade

The Colour Socks Parade starts on 2 April 2022. People and groups are advised to assemble their friends and family members to develop collective activities with PWIDs that will help improve their acceptance and promote their social inclusivity in Singapore.

The individuals and groups are encouraged to offer donations or plan a fundraising campaign to make the event a success.

Additionally, people can register as individuals or groups to participate in a countrywide challenge of covering 60,000 kilometres in 60 days. The challenge can be undertaken through cycling, jogging, walking, running and/or swimming.

Covering the 60,000 kilometres by walking or running stretch will testify how MINDS has been championing the rights and inclusion of PWIDs and their caregivers in society over the last six decades with the continued help of various stakeholders.

The achievement will also confirm the country’s pledge to continue supporting PWIDs and empowering them to live purposeful lives.

MINDS aims at raising no less than $200,000 to help fund the creation of programmes and services for PWIDs. They hope to raise the money from registration fees and well-wishers’ donations.

Building A More Socially Inclusive Singapore

In addition to organising the Colour Socks Campaign, they will roll out two other services for PWIDs to promote the inclusion of PWIDs in the Singapore community.

One service will involve the development of MINDS Hubs across Singapore to reach more PWIDs and their caregivers to increase their access to special programmes and services.

These hubs are comprehensive physical stations designated for PWIDs and their families. They will help them access readily available specialized services near their residences to help meet their special needs.

As a start, they plan to establish three MINDS Hubs at various locations island-wide. The three hubs will add to our current network of special schools, employment development centres and training and development centres.

The three MINDS Hubs will enable them to enhance PWIDs’ access to programmes and services, including befriending services, future care planning, referral services, employment support services, outreach programmes and respite care services.

The hubs will also provide a haven for caregivers to gather to study, make connections and support each other in their caregiving endeavours.

You can visit the Colour Socks Parade website to find out more or register for the event.

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