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Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2012: A Climb To Remember

by On Jun 18, 2012
Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2012: A Climb To Remember

In its sixth year running, the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run was a great draw for runners, as the route contained an element uncommon in Singapore – hills! Just 10km long, the rapid inclines featured heavily, making this race a challenge for any runner. Though glutes were fatigued repeatedly, reward came in panoramic views at the submit of each climb. Breathtaking sights and a bun buster really get your heart going.

At sleepy 6:30am, runners began pouring into the event site, which was nestled between blocks, a car park and the lovely Bukit Merah View market. This was an ideal location with ample parking space and added toilet facilities from the nearby coffee shop. Runners littered the space with stretch poses and energetic chatter. Signs were clear and the lucky draw bowl was filling up quite quickly.

Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run 2012: A Climb To Remember

Unlike the big races on our sunny island, the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run did not have any road closures and the runners were expected to pound pathway. Just minutes from the flag off, runners were packed tight almost spilling past the start line with anticipation palpable. Organisers of the event mounted the platform, air-horn ready. At 7:30am sharp, a concerted blare flagged off the event, as a gush of neon green-stripped red wave flooded Jalan Bukit Merah! Marshalls on motorcycles and others with flags kept traffic at bay, as the “Mizuno Wave” surged through estate. The runners’ safety was paramount, with morning motorist and MacDonald’s breakfasts kept from their destinations.

The first hike up was short, but served as a good warning for the climbs to come. The herd thinned as some opted to slow down. Many fortified their spirits and pressed on with greater resolve. When the land flatten, runners began to widen their stride and regulate their breathing for the next uphill battle. One must salute the residents living in the area!

Halfway up Henderson road, the race entered a whole new world of difficulty – Mount Faber Park. With its lush greenery and exciting hilltop living concepts, the sights would enthrall one, yet most runners breathed heavily and leaned forward ascending the 106m tall “mountain”. Even for the most seasoned runners, the clamber was “no walk in the Mount Faber Park”.

After a good five-minute scale, feet were met with even ground, the first water point and owners beholding a misty Habourfront. The race continued in the same vein with each climb rewarded justly. The biggest prize of the day was savouring the beams cascading off the beautiful exterior of The Jewel Box. Plenty took out their cameras and soaked in the wonder of soft morn light before speeding down the “mountain”, back into the estate.

Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run 2012: A Climb To Remember

After cutting through multiple residential and industrial lanes, it became clear that there were no distance markers, only marshals! Unable to gauge their progress, trackmen pressed on, only with goal in mind. With the excellent placement of personnel, there was no doubt where to head, however the race was constantly jutted by numerous traffic crossings. Runners sped up significantly to make the lights.

With most runners completing before 9:30am, the event drew to a close. Runners worked their way to the nearby food stalls for a rewarding meal. With much-needed spurts and uphill endurance, the victors of the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run deserve their product vouchers and prizes!

An embodiment of Mizuno’s manifesto, the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run 2012 called runners to never quit and never settle. The first part of the series, RunSociety looks forward to the Mizuno Passion Wave Run 2012, come 30th September 2012.

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