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Nathan Singapore City Race 2014: Runners, Plot Your Own Race!

by On Mar 24, 2014
Nathan Singapore City Race 2014

After the tropical weekday showers, last Sunday was extra sunny, with 3,500 people turning up to participate in this year’s Nathan Singapore City Race.

With the theme similar to last year’s race, runners were given a race map with marked control points across the island. They were then challenged to come up with their own route to cross all control points in the fastest time possible, and return to the starting point!

Nathan Singapore City Race 2014

Your Race, Your Rules!

Runners ran across control points, which were national landmarks encompassing Singapore. “Mini” route runners had a leisurely run, with checkpoints ranging from The Arts House to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Runners in the “Long” category were treated to a real challenge, with checkpoints ranging as far as the old Ford Factory in Bukit Timah along their 45km route.

All different routes started and ended in Marina Barrage. In addition to plotting their own routes, runners were also required to bring their own hydration, with the option to refill their fluids at designated Water Stations.

Nathan Singapore City Race 2014

Mapping Their Success

Team Sart, consisting of Joon Kiat Yeo, Ong Kai Wei, Wee Teck Hian and Kat Ja Fink, came in first for the 45km "Long Distance Team" category and won S$600 in prizes, which were shared among the team.

Alex Ang won the 45km "Long Distance Solo" category, coming in with a timing of 4 hours 36 minutes 12 seconds and netting him S$500 in sponsored products.

Discovering A New Direction

With plenty of smiles, it was a great time for people to not just run, but to exercise their navigation skills as well! We’re looking forward to see if there are any new landmarks for next year!

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