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Nike Goddess 2012: Where Best Friends Ruled Running

by On Apr 16, 2012
Nike Goddess 2012: Where Best Friends Ruled Running

Girls ruled running on Saturday evening as more than 4,600 girls and their Best Friends took part in the second edition of the Nike Goddess 5K, despite a heavy downpour that begun barely an hour before the race start. Held at Sentosa, this year’s girls-only race was all about empowering girls to run with their BFFs (Best Friends Forever), and girls were only allowed to register in pairs. This made it Nike’s first BFF race in South-east Asia, including Singapore. Nike Goddess 5K is a unique platform for girls to own running, and this was proudly proclaimed in the event’s tagline, “It’s not just a girl thing. It’s a BFF run.

Flagging off at 5.15pm, the Nike Goddess 5K started and finished at Sentosa Wave House, one of Sentosa’s hippest locations. The new route also provided participants with a scenic experience, as it brought them past Sentosa’s beaches – Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach – before looping back to Sentosa Wave House.

More than 4,600 Girls and Their Best Friends Ruled Running at Second Edition of Nike Goddess 5KCourtesy of NIKE Singapore

More than 4,600 Girls and Their Best Friends Ruled Running at Second Edition of Nike Goddess 5K

The Goddesses were well-pampered after their run on the resort island, with a Race Village created specifically with girls in mind. Finishers were provided with a host of complimentary treats, such as express manicures, foot massages and the likes, for the girls’ enjoyment.

Photo booths were also available for the BFFs to capture their special moments, and the girls danced the evening away with a rousing entertainment line-up. It featured familiar local talents such as DJs TwoFace, bands 53A and Ukelele Girls, as well as dance performances by the NUS Dance Blast Crew. Taking participants through the celebration were hosts Rich and Holly from MTV Asia.

Suzy Walsham was first to cross the FINISH line, completing 5 kilometres in a respectable time of 17min 24sec.

I think it’s always great having a women-only event – it really encourages girls to get out there. I thought it was a really great idea to get the girls to sign up with their best friends, because if people hadn’t done much exercise before this will be an incentive to join a race with their friend. Obviously I am quite competitive and you have others here who are racing, but you also have people who are here to get fit and have lots of fun and it’s really great that all these can come together.

Best friends cross the finishing line with laughters and smiles

Best friends cross the finishing line with laughters and smiles

This year, the Nike Goddess 5K increased its engagement with its runners through social media, making it the most socially connected race that Nike has ever seen. Participants were plugged into their Instagram accounts, capturing their race experience with the BFFS which trended on #GODDESSBFF.

Race Results


  1. Suzy Walsham - 17min 24sec
  2. Anne Qihui - 18min 05sec
  3. Vivian Tang - 18min 53sec


  1. Renuka Satianathan - 19min 38sec
  2. Belle Tan - 20min 20sec
  3. Yvonne Lin - 20min 29sec


  1. Kiyomi Muraki and Jenny Huang - 43min 10sec
  2. Lilli Eva Maria Brandtner and Nurul Nathasha - 43min 43sec
  3. Zhiyun Lin and Angela Huang - 45min 19sec


  1. Yvonne Lin and Khaileng Chua - 41min 04sec
  2. Belle Tan and Romaine Soh - 41min 29sec
  3. Lynly Tan Ling Li and J-ing Goh - 43min 44sec

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