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Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014: No Rest When The Dead Are Chasing

by On Jan 14, 2014
No Rest When The Dead Are Chasing: Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

The inaugural Run For Your Lives Asia took place right here in Singapore. Survivors started off from the Padang, braving the 5km route, which was interspersed with several obstacles… oh, and dozens of flesh-eating zombies ready to devour your brains.

Unlike normal obstacle courses, runners try to dodge and escape from zombies roaming the course trying to grab flags from runners' flagbelts. You have a total of 3 flags… if the zombies get any of them, you’re out!


The zombies were definitely the highlight of the race! These guys and girls were “zombiefied” through some great professional makeup work. Some even came in really inventive costumes. I saw plenty of police, nurses and even some superhero “zombies”. It was really intimidating to run past them as they groaned, screeched and stumbled after you!

No Rest When The Dead Are Chasing: Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

No bodily contact was allowed, and zombies were only allowed to grab the flags that hung from runners’ waists. Nevertheless, there were some accidental bumps that happened in the thick of the moment as we tried to dash to safety.

Luckily the zombies put safety above all else, and they made sure that things didn't get too rough.

Safety in Numbers

I registered as a runner for the 6pm wave in the evening, which just happened to be right after a heavy downpour. But who ever let some rain get in the way of a good race? By the finish line, everyone’s drenched with sweat anyway!

The runners banded together in groups, you could see groups of people forming plans on how to dodge the zombies. Of course... those carefully crafted plans always fall apart when zombies are trying their very best to "kill" you!

Climbing Those Obstacles

There were a few obstacles, including a tire mountain and a rope wall. But they were fairly easy to handle, and there was plenty of distance to cover before I ran into the next obstacle or more zombies. Personally, I’d prefer if there was a little bit more of a challenge to the obstacles.

I was looking forward to drenching myself in the “Blood Pit” to wash away the mud, but unfortunately it was removed for safety reasons earlier on in the day.

There were plenty of officials to direct runners along the obstacles and choke points, and knowing where to go next was no issue.

Parts of the Run For Your Lives route also went to the entrance of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, as well as the entire span of the Helix Bridge. I’m pretty sure tourists and visitors alike were wondering what was going on with so many muddy people running across Marina Bay Sands!

No Rest When The Dead Are Chasing: Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

The Finish, and Celebrations at the Padang!

These zombies meant business! After much dashing and lots of close calls (where I involuntarily squealed with fright, no shame!) I finally made it across with only 1 of my flags left…

Back at the Padang, runners and zombies alike posed for group shots, and the rocking tunes from the Goodfellas made for a nice carnival atmosphere.

No Rest When The Dead Are Chasing: Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

Food vendors, a bar, photo booths provided plenty of stuff to keep survivors and zombies entertained after the run. People were also able to redeem a free can of Red Bull with their race bibs.

Even though it was pretty crowded, the addition of a shower area for runners and zombies alike to freshen up was a nice touch.

Escape From Zombies is a Great Thrill

The chasing was really also really reminiscent of the times that I played block catching with my friends back in school. Only that this time, the “catchers” were zombies, and the “block” was in the city, with the beautiful Singapore skyline as the backdrop!

The chill that goes down your spine as you brace yourself to run into a dozen zombies to get to the finishing line is definitely a novel experience that I can recommend to anyone to go with, especially with friends.

I’d love to experience the race as a zombie next time and see the race from another perspective!

Event Overview

  • Zombies were dressed to impress.
  • Getting chased by them was an exhilarating experience
  • Race officials and road marshals provided clear instructions to runners
  • Obstacles were sparse, and were very easy
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