As our world becomes increasingly urbanized, we are faced with the problem of environmental sustainability. Many studies have shown that our extrapolated growth and energy consumption could destroy our planet before we know it.

NTUC INCOME RUN 350, organised by Young NTUC, is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run. The run is organised to raise awareness about the impact that carbon emissions have on our environment and what we can do to ensure long-term environmental sustainability.

Before this running event, most people would wonder what the number 350 stands for. Through this run, we would then realise that 350 ppm (parts per million) is the upper safety limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for humanity to continue. Our current CO2 level is over 390ppm.

Young NTUC intends to use this run to bring more people into the global 350 movement and inspire positive change in Singaporeans.

With a record 11,000 runners from 63 countries, this event certainly has the ability to spread the message across the region. This is a tremendous jump from the 1,000 in 2010.

The race was well received by many runners.

Anne Qihui, a local female 21km elite runner, commented that the race was very meaningful as she is a firm believer in the green cause. She tries her best to incorporate green practices in her daily life. She hopes to inspire the people around her; even the smallest things like switching off the lights when leaving the room can make a great impact if everybody does it.

Anne completed the 21km race in a commendable time of 1:27:18. That, however, was still not enough to beat the blazing time of 1:19:28, set by Jackline Musyawa Nzivo of Kenya, who won the 21km Women’s category.

Her compatriot, Solomon Kipyego Keter, won the respective Men’s event with a time of 1:08:32, edging David Chepkwony Kiptanui, another Kenyan, by just a few seconds.

In the 10km events, Samson Kiplagat from Kenya, won the Men’s category with a time of 32:23, while Vanja Cnops from Belgium, won the Women’s category with a time of 40:29.

Our local hero, Mok Ying Ren, finished third in the 10km Men’s category with a time of 33:12.

Mok was particularly impressed with the social media driven “Bring Your Own Bottle” Campaign.

“From the many races I have taken part in, I know that a lot of paper cups are usually thrown away,” Mok said.

Let us not take a step back by organising an eco-run yet increase our waste disposal with all the paper cups.

As part of the movement, the run has contributed to the planting of 629 trees as part of the Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree Programme. For every 100 runners, one tree would be planted under the programme.

Before it is too late to salvage the situation, we can save our future by running. One way is to improve our health and fitness so we can walk, cycle or run to the nearby destinations, while the other way is to raise awareness through eco-runs like NTUC INCOME RUN 350.

Chow Yong Jun

I am a writer by day, an athlete by night. I love running at night because the streets just become so quiet and peaceful. My active lifestyle includes running, swimming and a passion for soccer. I have completed a few marathons and I enjoy other races like biathlons and urbanthlons. The only reason why I don't do triathlons is bikes are too expensive!

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