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One Piece Run 2016: Are You One of Singapore’s First Ever Pirate Kings?

by On Mar 6, 2016
One Piece Run 2016: Are You One of Singapore's First Ever Pirate Kings?

More than 5,000 runners gathered at the Kallang Practice Track this morning for Singapore’s first-ever anime themed fun run – One Piece Run 2016.

Participants were excited to immerse themselves in the world of Luffy, the anime’s anchor character as they ran through three experiential zones – Fish-man Island, Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, before stepping into the One Piece-themed village.

The Mermaid Syrena, at the Fish-man Island zone proved to be a highlight for runners as they eagerly snapped selfies with Singapore’s only life-sized mermaid.

One Piece Run 2016: Are You One of Singapore's First Ever Pirate Kings?

Runners with Singapore's iconic Mermaid Syrena at Fish-man Island Zone. Photo credit: One Piece Run 2016.

At Dressrosa, runners teamed up with fellow Nakama to defeat the Donquixote pirates and rescue Dressrosa and King Ridu. Together with Caesar Clown and Law, they then bravely endured hot and icy lands at the Punk Hazard zone, before sailing towards the finishing line.

One Piece Run 2016: One Piece Village

At the One Piece Village, participants were able to witness their favourite characters come alive with exciting One Piece-themed carnival booths. A Best Dressed segment was presented by WakuWaku Japan with the best dressed winner given a pair of air tickets to Tokyo, Japan, and a pair of admission passes to Tokyo One Piece Tower.

One Piece Run 2016: Are You One of Singapore's First Ever Pirate Kings?

Cosplays made the One Piece characters come to life. Photo credit: One Piece Run 2016.

J-pop groups USAGI, J.U.N.E and DJ Tomu concluded the festivities for the day with memorable performances as participants look forward to the next edition of this popular anime inspired fun run.

Did you take part in the One Piece Run 2016? Do share with us your race experience and let us know how it fared for the first ever anime themed fun run in Singapore!

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