900 participants took part in the second edition of Pisang Relay Penang at Straits Quay on Sunday, 22 June. The race aims to raise the awareness of teamwork, and has successfully encouraged participants to run as a team and finish the race strong regardless of the slightly hazy weather and humid conditions.

Going “Bananas” with Real Banana Batons

Runners in teams of 3 started at the Straits Quay Mall, running in 2 loops of 4km per person. It was a fantastic opportunity to make friends and strengthen bonds. Real bananas were be used as batons, to be carried throughout the relay.

The banana batons could be carried in any manner, but it had to be passed to each running member at all times during the run, or else the team would be disqualified. Bananas batons were also not allowed to be eaten during the race!

Photo Credit: JAC Photography

Y.B. Zairil Khir Johari officiated the event, and was very impressed by how positive the runners were, considering most of the participants were school students new to running. Y.B. Zairil expressed his happiness to see how well the school children performed, stressing on their average finishing times of less than 2 hours. He was also pleased to see this year’s participants increasing to 900, up from 300 last year.

For those of you wanting for more fun, the Pisang Relay Penang will return next year on 7 June 2015!

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