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Pocari Sweat Run 2012: Super Hydration, Super Trees, Super Run!

by On Jul 17, 2012
Pocari Sweat Run 2012: Super Hydration, Super Trees, Super Run!

The inaugural Pocari Sweat Run 2012 was a massive hit with the 4,000 registrants! Set in the picturesque Gardens By The Bay, the race route consisted the best of tropical horticulture, magnificent city views and landscaping artistry. Runners were treated to resplendent habitats morphing along the track, from desert tundra to teeming jungles. The one million squared metre sanctuary was a feast for the eyes and a boost to running spirit.

Pocari Sweat Run 2012:  Super Hydration, Super Trees, Super Run!

The fresh blue-branded start gantry contended with the massive flyer across the marina and the cityscape for the runners’ attention. At 6.30am, the sky was dark, but the event ground was swelling with light and anticipation! Runners stretched and snapped pictures of the magnificent flora. Supertrees, standing at 25 to 50 metres, were the most popular photo icons.

Mere minutes before the 10km race category flagged off, the sun began to shine through the thick cloud cover. Through a prism of seconds, air was crisper, greenery shimmered and the starting line buzzed significantly louder! Season runners were told to come to the front of the line, as the winner was decided by gun time. With morning blooming and racers edging to go, the 10km category was flagged off at 7:00am sharp! Leaving air horns, hip music and a trail of blue bodies behind, the season runners sped down the well-marked concrete route.

Pocari Sweat Run 2012:  Super Hydration, Super Trees, Super Run!

Focused in the gardens, the race route swirled around the starting point tracing the gorgeous marina reservoir. Never far from the cool beats, runners were able to enjoy music without carrying their own portable players. Organisers of the race planned well for all levels of runners. Staggering the participants allowed for easy running on the one-vehicular wide lane. Cyclist cleared the path for season athletes to give them the best possible experience. Pacers with a wide range of timings motivated beginners to strive for more. Pocari Sweat Run, though new to the running game, came with a full set of chips!

As the second batch of 10km runners counted down, the first racer was seen speeding back, already completing the loop! Barely two seconds before the staggered half raced, Mr. Samson Kiplagat shot past them. With a big lead on his competitors, he powered forth, completing with the fastest timing of 33 minutes and 4 seconds, clinching $1,000 worth of sponsored prizes.

The mood of participants was light and breezy like the beautiful Sunday morning, as all stood a chance to win the lucky draw prizes. The first prize was a 4D3N trip to Tokyo and the second was a 4D3N trip to Hokkaido, both were return trips with accommodation included. So, some runners took it easy and chose to capture “Kodak moments” with their friends and family. It was such a lovely day that runners were still trickling in after the 5km race category was flagged off at 7:25am. Grinning sheepishly, they took a steady pace and an abundance of camera shots.

Pocari Sweat Run 2012:  Super Hydration, Super Trees, Super Run!

Hydrated by Pocari Sweat, both seasoned and amateur runners exceeded expectations. With clearly marked cups for ion supply drink and water, organisers showed that the smallest detail was sorted to logistical perfection. The event was so alluring that some public weekend runners capitalized on the atmosphere to push through their Sunday run.

Fun and rewarding, the Pocari Sweat Run was an inspired way to start a Sunday morning and perhaps an unwavering dedication to the sport!

Race Results


  1. Tiong Wei Jie- 19min 03sec
  2. Terence Lee- 19min 27sec
  3. Eugene Aw- 20min 15sec


  1. Renuka Satianathan- 19min 31sec
  2. Hana- 21min 01sec
  3. Roda Ramos- 22min 21sec


  1. Samson Kiplagat- 33min 04sec
  2. Chew Jee Keng- 35min 24sec
  3. Devathas- 35min 44sec


  1. Vivian Tang- 39min 14sec
  2. Brenda Payne- 41min 36sec
  3. Susan Jemutai- 43min 29sec

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