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What happened at the first Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018

by On Oct 25, 2018

The first ever Tri-Factor event in China.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

At least 400 triathletes battled out in the first ever Tri-Factor event in China, Quzhou TRI-Factor International Triathlon 2018. Participants who took part not only came from more than 20 provinces and cities in China but also 17 other countries and regions in Asia.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

The Triathlon event was hosted by the people’s government of Quzhou, Quzhou City Sports Bureau, Quzhou City Water Conservancy Bureau and Shanghai Orange Room Co. Ltd. There are five distinct categories which are as follows: TF-ENDRO, Standard Distance, Standard Relay, Sprint Distance and Run-Bike-Run. However, the main highlight of the triathlon was the TF-ENDRO with a swim distance of 1.5 km, bicycle ride of 80 km and a 20 km run.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018 Race was not only about completing the race, but also admiring the rich heritage and culture of Quzhou. It started off in the historic Shuiting Gate which was right in the heart of the city centre. The swim event was at the Qu River, which was just at the west side of Shuiting Gate while the bike and run route were along the Qu River.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

Several top-tier international triathletes including New Zealand World Champion Cameron Brown, first Japanese Olympian Triathlete Mr Hiroyuki Nishiuchi and Top Chinese Triathlon Mr Fang Zhou were all competing in the event.

The results were as follows:

Male Categories:

  • TF-ENDRO: Cameron Brown with a stunning time of 3:36:40.
  • Standard Distance: John Chicano with an admirable time of 2:09:17.
  • Sprint distance: Li Jianqiang with a delightful time of 1:16:16.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

Female Categories:

  • TF-ENDRO: Chen Cheng with a wonderful time of 4:41:25.
  • Standard Distance: Heather De Freitas with an astonishing time of 2:35:14.
  • Sprint distance: Li Fang with an amazing time of 1:34:17.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

Tri-Factor is organised by Orange Room Co. Ltd and the Tri-Factor Asian Championship Series is currently the largest and fastest developing private brand event in Asia, allowing various age groups to participate no matter their physical levels. Already, nearly 70 Triathlon competitions have been in six different countries including Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand, with more than 90,000 participants.

The Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018 Race was the start of Tri-Factors presence in China with a long-term partnership with the state of Quzhou being in the centre of triathlon in the country.

Co-founder of Orange Room, Elvin Ting, had this to say:

Orange Room hopes to help Quzhou develop the sports + tourism industry through its rich experience in sports events, professional teams and international resources, and bring a healthier lifestyle to the people of Quzhou through competitions and build a relationship between domestic and international athletes. We aim to set up a more participatory sports community. We are very honored to be able to participate in the implementation of the national fitness strategy plan.

What happened at the FIRST Quzhou TF Triathlon 2018!

With this, TF Triathlon Quzhou 2018 hopes to not only spread the awareness on the sports of triathlon within the Zhejiang Province in preparation for the 2022 Asian Games but also promote Quzhou as a sports & tourism destination and a sporting hub for triathlons in China.

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